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Monday, September 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Rowhedge, England on 2018-02-17 12:27:00 - Five interacting orbs over rowhedge

Our attention was first drawn towards the sky by the sound of a commercial airliner passing to the north of our house, travelling roughly east in the direction of wivenhoe, at a height of approximately 10,000ft. had it not been for that plane — not that planes in the sky above rowhedge are a particularly unusual sight — we would not have looked to that area of the sky and witnessed the subsequent events that followed… as we watched the plane pass by to our left, we suddenly noticed the appearance of a very bright-white luminous object, more or less round, like a large orb, which was trailing the aircraft about five plane-lengths distant, but at what looked to be a slightly lower altitude. within a few seconds, with the plane continuing on its path, the orb slowed slightly and then moved away in a sweeping arc (and at what must have been quite an impressive speed, considering the amount of sky it traversed), to reach a point, in less than 10 seconds, about due east, where it slowed, stopped and began to hover for the next two minutes or so before i was able to begin filming it. it is difficult to say how far away the object was, but it seemed to be quite high up, perhaps higher than the plane had been seconds earlier. it still looked to the naked eye more or less orb-like, but the video images, when examined closely, reveal it to be more elongated or lozenge-shaped, as if one is looking at a flat disc more or less sideways on. within less than 20 seconds of the object becoming stationary, a number of slightly smaller but equally bright objects — i think no more than four — appeared around the larger object, moving quite erratically, and randomly appearing and disappearing. i can only describe the way the smaller objects appeared to move in relation to the larger object as reminiscent of the way electrons are believed to circle around the nucleus of an atom. by the time i started filming, the smaller objects had moved a little further away from the larger object and appeared to higher up. when they had first appeared, they were much more tightly clustered around the principle object and moving in arcs around it, above it, below it and on either side. while it was a clear, sunny day and the objects were likely to be reflecting sunlight, i am almost 100% certain they were also emitting their own light. the luminosity of each object seemed too bright to be caused entirely by reflected sunlight — and to add to their weirdness, the atmosphere immediately around each one appeared to shimmer slightly, as if it was being disturbed by them resembling the way hot air shimmers above a road on a hot sunny day. after observing the objects for several minutes, and with no sign they were about to move away, i ran back into the house and grabbed the first device i found, which happened to be my ipad, to try to film the objects. another 30 seconds passed, before i figured out how to set the ipad to 4k resolution and then began filming. the rest you can see for yourself. after about 30 seconds of filming, the smaller objects began to split away in pairs, at some speed and altitude, heading 130 degrees south-east, becoming smaller and smaller until they completely disappeared from view. i lost sight of the larger, principle object in my efforts to film the smaller ones moving away in formation, i’m afraid. approximately 20 minutes later, i noticed the objects return and began filming again. you will see from the second video that they appear just below and within a bank of cloud. the objects are harder to discern, but zoomed in and slowed down you can again see them moving and accelerating erratically in ways no normal plane would manoeuvre. i assume these objects to be the same ones filmed earlier, though i cannot be certain. i’m afraid i committed the cardinal error of holding the ipad in portrait, rather than landscape, mode until almost the end of the second clip. i must confess, i couldn’t actually see the objects on the screen, as they were too small and the light reflecting off the surface of the screen was too bright, so all of the filming was guesswork, with me just pointing the ipad in the general direction of the action. shortly after the film rotates onscreen, you can see a plane appear roughly where the objects had been less than a minute earlier – which may offer some sense of the size and speed of of the ufos. i hope i have done some justice to what my wife and i witnessed. i have sat on this for months now, only sharing with friends and family, all of whom think the footage shows something unusual. i have also googled to see if anyone else reported seeing these objects, but no-one else has, to my knowledge.

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Credit: MUFON

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