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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2018-09-12 00:00:00 - Seen many ufos over the last week with numerous cloud formations . i’ve had many many entities in my home i film them i am about to go crazy i’ll probably kill me if it’s the governments. its evil and they’ve shown me and told me so much

i’m scared for my life it’s been going on for a year and it’s getting worse and worse horrible entities demons they say they crashed and they are very tiny alien people that can form into very large aliens i’ve mostly seen them small. i have many pictures and videos. i’m sure by the time they’re sent off they’ve changed, they are able to change my photos and videos it seems. there’s been ufos in the sky, cloud formations that are evil evil, there in my house in my life everywhere i just want to stay anonymous because i’m scared. they have covered the mountain here in numerous numbers letters equations algebra pictures demons owls rats that the isles get them rip their heads off i have lots of pictures there in the trees they’re in my curtains they’re everywhere i know it sounds crazy and i’m not crazy and i probably will end up getting locked up or killed because it’s the craziest story and no one will believed it. i totally understand why nobody can understand this or believe this because it is so far out there and like it took this long to convince me i really honestly never believed it but they have literally covered every inch of my couch clothing painting walls with numbers and letters and pictures of demons. they’re in my mirror is there they have destroyed my life i had a nervous breakdown over and had to quit my job at the mental health support worker and i lost my family because they won’t speak to me till i get help i can’t get help for things i don’t control. there’s numbers and letters in the trees in on the mountains every time is ufo and all the other ones with it come in they put more and more letters and numbers and faces the things on the mountains and then the cloud will come in and fall into these numbers and letters and then come out of them as a demon there an hour alert or rats are king sort so many different things. but i’m scared because there in my home i’m afraid to eat my food. i went to clean my glass stove last night and i saw a red light right never seen before so i looked closer and there was spirits under the glass so i grab my camera and video camera and videotape what i could i know that i will be locked up and i know no one will take me serious. i’ve seen numerous ufos he said the name enoch. the only thing i have ever done to the photos is to darken them or lighten them i have not added or taken away anything just so others could see it because i was t. ired of being called a liar in one of them i hope i added it, there is a king had sitting on the wing of a three headed owl . if you look at it again it is a king laying deceased wearing his crowni have thousands upon thousands of videos and pictures hidden so that if anything happens to me i’ve given every bit of evidence as to who i think it is out of five different sources. i feel like i’m getting weaker every day. they sent many messages

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Credit: MUFON

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