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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Innsbruck, Tyrol on 2018-09-18 00:00:00 - 4 bright non- commercial -airplane lights appear over runway of innsbruck airport in austria.

Four unknown lights (maybe of only one object?) appeared on the runway of innsbruck airport (lowi) in austria. the object was stationary, but due to darkness i could not see if it was landed or hovering slightly above the surface. three lights were arranged linearly and the 4th light was exactly above the third light from the linear row (counted from the left from my perspective). i can exclude any commercial airplane or light aircraft, because i also observed the four lights exactly in the same intensity and shining, in a completely different angle of sight. this would not be possible from a stationary airplane with taxi oder landing-lights. additionally no strobes were detected. the lights were present before i recognised them, but 5 minutes after my first sighting a convoy of multiple cars (ca. 10 cars) were heading towards the object and were circling one time around it and then headed back towars the terminal-building. the object was near the end of the runway in western direction. 2 pictures from two completely different angles (distance between both viewing point 500 meters). after 20 minutes i decided to drive with my car parallel to the runway to observe the object more clearly, but it dissappeared. (it haven't seen it disappearing, but after 5-6 minutes there were no ligths, no ligths anywhere on the runway. after this i just only saw the car convoy near the terminal building and the runway-lights were switched of (usually last landings are at 10 pm due to noice regulations). it should be further noticed, that i am a former employee of the innsbruck airport and i never experienced such convoys at this time which were straight driving on the runway plus i have the experience and aviation knowledge to difference between aircraft-type lights or runway-lights or- in this case- unknown lights. this is absolutely not a regular case. unfortunately the two photos of the two sighting locations are quite bad due to darkness (iphone 4s camera). in reality the 3 linear lights in the row near ground were isolated ball shaped lights and exactly equidistant to each other. the distance of the 4th light to the third of the three lights below were also of the same distance as in the linear row. the arrows in the map indicate the two lines of sight from two different positions (each photo in a different position) near the runway.

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Credit: MUFON

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