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Friday, September 7, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on 2014-05-27 09:16:00 - Wetaskiwin/ponoka/hobemma/camrose

What is the shape of a pair of arse holes called bitchy face and swass ass face with their group and program out of ponoka, an egg, an abusive rotten egg fart. badgering and harassment is abuse. now in a missing persons case, this happened when i was a young child. that is for the professional police to deal with. in the bounds of law, if there are different and unique attributes being identified with a persons or being, that is to be identified as attached to that persons/being in the bounds of the law and accountable to the law. i have never harassed anyone like that program out of ponoka or company, really. in a long term cold case, identifying differences in the bounds of the law, that are not by conventional means, being identified by the government and how this affects other people. also helps the rcmp, gang units and interpol identify fraud and impersonations' to, which is abuse. i was a child once myself, grandma's house is what i wanted to see. i have also been dealing with the rcmp and interpol with the witness protection program about securing things also with the children at grandma's house and raising them long term. with stability, safety, privacy and as normal as i can have for them, like i had growing up myself. i never grew up in the system, i grew up in a family dynamic and was accepted for who i was as a person, differences and all. i don't harass anyone else about differences, never have. my boundaries are abuse, that's against the law. attack the behavior not the person. some males that are here for me in a missing persons case have been around me before, some have their differences, so what, they are people to me. one asked me to wait for him for marriage as an adult, that was my choice, i waited. not a lot of people would, i am not asking anyone else to, just respect me, and children and people around me that i grew up around and in a missing persons case. there is a lot to be said for respect. abusive people have no respect for themselves, so how can they show anyone's respect, who's problem and issue is that? abuse is against the law, who deals with criminals, the police do.

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Credit: MUFON

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