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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Brakpan, Gauteng on 1993-05-31 00:00:00 - Huge black triangle flew overhead

I was a 11 year old child and my mother had asked me to feed the dogs in our back yard. after setting the bowls down i stood up facing north i caught movement in the sky.I instantly went numb and cold frozen in place absolutely confused to what i was seeing. the sky was clear of clouds, only stars. moving in a north to south direction something was moving in the sky from ahead of me all the way overhead and past over the house. i could not exactly see it but i knew it was there. flying over with absolutely no sound, no light, nothing to indicate there was something there pitch black, much darker than the night sky. except it was huge. possibly 1km wide or more. i guess it must have been maybe 50 stories above me, height of carleton centre johannesburg. as it flew it blocked off the light of the starts and total view of the night sky above me from my left to my right and total sky above from overhead. it seemed to fly impossibly slow taking almost 5minute to completely fly over me. much slower than a suburban driving car. if it were not for me looking up at that moment i would never have noticed it i think for only except the complete darkness against the night sky. i was transfixed. after it passed i ran inside in terror dragging my mother with me to the front south side of house to see. but by the time we got out front of house the object was gone. it had no lights at all that i noticed. no reflection from suburban lights.Pitch black.As it flew over though no sound i could somehow feel it's presence like a deep dull vibration inside of me. i believe it may be like some ultrasound. i have felt that presence ever since but have never seen a ufo again but since i suffer night terrors and sleep paralysis almost every night since until this day 23 september 2018, 25 years later.

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Credit: MUFON

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