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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Ajax, Ontario on 2018-09-16 20:00:00 - Large black triangle craft with pulsating green and red lights on the anterior

I feel obligated to get this reported. i was in my home in ajax, ontario watching the night sky with my binoculars at 8 pm. this evening. looking west i noticed an object about 2000 ft high in the sky with pulsating red and green lights. it was slowly moving from the north to the south and moved about a quarter miles distance when to stopped and hovered and moved away to the east slightly as it appeared to get a little smaller. it then stopped again and moved directly up about another 500 ft at fairly fast rate and stopped again. at this point it then descended to about 2000 ft and began moving from the east directly toward my position. still it was just the 2 pulsating red and green lights. it stopped about a mile from my position and then began to move to the north. i lost site of it as it went behind the corner of our building, but i quickly moved from my back yard, through my home, and out the front door, where i was able to pick up still moving to the north but all the while coming a little to my position to the west of it. it then stopped again, and hovered. the whole time there was no sound. to the best of my recollection the object then moved slightly to the south again, stopped and moved a little north west. by now i had moved east on my street to get a better vantage point so i wouldn't lose the object if and when it moved further north. ow looking due north at the object about a half mile from position and about 2000 ft in the air, the object then pivoted around its axis and slowing began to move west. at this point the pulsating red and green lights were a constant white on the anterior of the craft and it slowly began to move accelerating away to the west generally following the path of 401. at about 60 mph. i could clearly see this craft was large, triangular in shape. as i watched the object move from its position north of me to the west, and lost sight of it. about 5 minutes later it returned again this time appearing in the nne with green and red pulsating lights about five miles away moving slowly to the east. it stopped , hovered, and then moved again to the west where it went out of site. it then came back again and did its little dog an phone show. i then went in the house for a minute and got my dog and brought him outside so i could continue watching this amazing site. sure enough the object came back again but soon disappeared again off to the east. i continued watching for several more minutes when yet another object appeared as a bright large white light to my north east. it came closer to my position very slowly as it it got closer i could see that this object again was large but rectangular in shape with bright white lights that ran from the front to the back. looking up at this craft i can only describe this craft as looking like a catamaran. all of this happened between roughly 8 pm and 8:25 pm this evening. i am stunned by what i have seen. my neighbour across the street can support some of what i saw. i have continued watching the sky this evening and there has been additional unusual air activity in the area and in space above ajax this evening as i write this at 10:14 pm. surely i can't be the only one to see have seen this ?

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Credit: MUFON

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