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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Moab, Utah on 2017-03-20 23:30:00 - Flashing pulsating lights, moving strange directions, brightening and dimming, apparently traveling long distances over short periods of time

I was sitting on a rock with some friends after the sun went down. there were some low clouds, but it was mostly clear night and the star were bright and visible throughout most of the sky. i was keeping an eye on the sky when i noticed two distinct flashing lights heading towards one another from different directions. i don't like to jump to conclusions, so i assumed they were low flying planes and went about conversing with my friends for another minute or two. when i looked at the sky again both of the lights were staying in place, totally silent, and flashing in a way that looked as if they were almost communicating with one other. my friends and i were camping in a little valley surrounded by mesas maybe 100/150 feet away and maybe about 40 or 50 feet tall. both lights seemed to be hanging out not too far above the tops of the mesa. they looked close and too low to be planes, but at the same time i not really sure i could even give you an appropriate estimate on their distance. it might just be my mind playing with me afterwards think i saw or felt a certain way, but something about how they hung there just didn't resemble a plane, helicopter, drone, or anything i've seen in the sky. anyway, after watching them for between maybe another 30 seconds to a minute they both moved slowly, slightly out of my vision to the left (don't know what actual direction it was) and behind one of the mesas. after another minute or so one of them moved into sight again and continued to flash for another 30 seconds to a minute before suddenly brightening up and then dimming to the brightness of a star. at this point i got the attention of my friends and pointed it out. it sat there for a few moments at the brightness of a star, and in the only way i can describe it it suddenly shot miles across the valley and sky in a second - on what appeared to be "a line that does not exist" it sat there for a few moments, looking like a star, while almost sliding at a weird angle before brightening up to what i would compare the brightness of seeing mars, and zipped around once in what looked like a fish hook or cursive "j" pattern and then took off and disappeared. i never saw the other again.

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Credit: MUFON

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