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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Worcester, Massachusetts on 1997-06-11 00:00:00 - Object was motionless. in an instant the object was several times larger. i assumed it was a balloon, then i took my eyes off of it. i proceeded to walk up the sidewalk. i looked back about a half a minute later. it was now moving west, then, disapeared.

I had an appointment to see the doctor at 1:45pm. i reported to the lab and they drew blood at 2:31pm. i then proceeded to walk to a restaurant on lincoln street. when i was almost in front of the restaurant, i looked to the east and in the sky i saw a small white circle. i assumed it had to be a balloon. i looked away from it and proceeded to walk up the street. i looked at it again and it was no longer there. i then noticed it was higher up in the sky moving west. as i watch it, it disappeared. i went into the restaurant and realized there was a loss of an hour and a half. this sighting was my first. in 2005 i started having more sightings. to this day, i have had about 50 sightings, most of them shortly after leaving the house. back in 2007 i woke up one morning and saw a dark spot on my left hand. three and a half years late, my left hand was x-rayed. the doctor told me it was a piece of metal. the doctor asked me how it got there. i couldn't give him an answer, because i don't know how it got there. i watched unsealed alien files on television about implants. what they took out of other peoples bodies looked the same as the one removed from my hand. its all in my medical records. back in october 6th 2011 and march 23rd, i spoke to these sightings and they responded in a way to let me know they were listening to me.

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Credit: MUFON

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