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Friday, September 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Evansville, Indiana on 2018-09-14 00:00:00 - Large bright objects in the distance moving strangely and changing colors. one flew over head very fast.

I was at work around 3 in the morning when i noticed a bright orange light to the east through an open garage door i was working close to. i would say it was at least 10 to 15 miles away but the height would be hard to judge. if you stuck your arm straight out it would have been less than a fingers width away from a tree line that was over a mile away. probably hundreds of feet from the ground. the light was definitely lower and brighter than any star in the sky that i have ever seen. it was also brighter than a passenger plane flying not quite overhead of where i was, and larger. my first thought was that it was a helicopter with a search light since it seemed to be stationary and i figured a bright search light may explain why it looked so big. i watched it for around 3 minutes before i had to walk away for about 10 seconds and when i returned to see what it was doing and it had vanished. i watched for maybe another minute and it still hadn't returned. that's when i thought maybe it was a ufo. i went to tell a co-worker about it and took care of a few things which took about 10 minutes and went to look again and there was another orange light. this time it was off to the left a bit and a little higher. i would say at least a mile north of the fist light. my co-worker was close by so i called him over to see it. we talked for a couple of minutes about it while we watched it and then it just disappeared. it was like someone just flipped a switch and it was gone. after another 15 minutes or so i went back to look and another light appeared while i was watching in the same place the first one was except this time it was a deep red. then this one started ascending higher into the sky very slowly and after it moved about an inch or so from my perspective it kind of changed colors back to orange. it stopped after another inch or so and stayed there for several minutes before disappearing. also i forgot to mention between the first and second light i seen an object fly from the direction of the lights toward and straight over me to the west. it didn't appear to have any lights, it looked like it was reflecting the lights from the city. it looked grayish and maybe trianfular. it was moving almost as fast as a meteor and over twice as fast as a plane. it was probably several hundred feet from the ground. after the third light i witnessed my co-worker and i were standing at the garage door when he seen a light appeared even further in the distance than the original lights. then a second light appeared to the south and another appeared to the north. all three were slowly moving up and down and changing the intensity of their light. eventually they disappeared one at a time. then about 15 or 20 minutes later i was looking again and seen a bright red light blinking very rapidly in the distance for about 10 seconds. all of these lights were definitely hundreds of feet in the air, brighter and larger than any aircraft i have ever seen, moved in ways that i have never seen a regular airplane move and were not stars or radio towers. i wasn't able to take pictures because it was night and the distances and there were street lights in the foreground screwing with the focus. also, the sighting didn't really make me feel any certain way but it did give me good bumps.

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Credit: MUFON

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