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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hollywood, Florida on 2018-10-24 10:15:00 - This is the second time i've seen a hovering object off this coast the first was the other day only october, 21st, hovered pretty night in the sky but under clouds and was white. today's was at the location above started as just hovering floating.

Started out hovering motionless then moved slowly still hovering above the water at least 10 or under miles out from coastline. at fist because so dark i thought maybe a chopper but it got so close to the water basically landing on it anytime a boat was about to near or come close even if not as far out as the object. tried to capture in photo but did not show up. first object hovered and skimmed above water then floated up and down depending on nearing boats. then took off and circled and stayed very low in the sky and head straight south another plane closer to the shoreline flew at about same height as the object however the object moved extremely slow and very steady. at the same time another black oval shape appeared over the horizon at the exact same spot as the other one and followed the exact same pattern nearly except the first one made one or two passes back and forth about 500fr over water after it had touched and hovered over water before floating upward. watching very closely still at the water line and after both objects start flying low and slow in the sky straight south a big white curve of water or clouds appeared for a few moments. i thought maybe it could be a boat with the water spraying up on the side except it was totally motionless and the water was not splashing if it was water it was just a perfect arch with a greyish vertical object to the right of it which i thought could be the boat. it didn't move the white part was bright and looked like it could have been a cloud but then it all vanished into the water or thin air. and nothing was there after not boat no nothing. a cargo ship was just north of the event and moving slowly south. i'm not sure my pictures will reveal anything but maybe with infared or enhancement maybe you can see it.

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Credit: MUFON

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