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Monday, October 29, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Apollo, Pennsylvania on 2018-09-11 03:15:00 - Got into a confrontation and captured it after it accidentally grabbed me by my genitalia and tried to pull me off my bed.I then back handed it in its face and grabbed it by its neck and by doing this it was unable to become invisible.

I captured an alien after it rudely grabbed me by my genitalia and attempted to drag me out of my bed. i got extremely enraged and hit the intruder in its face then captured it by grabbing it by its throat with a grip that almost killed it. by doing this the intruder was unable to change its matter and escape by going through objects like a wall. i spoke to it and it clearly spoke back, i indicated i was going to call 911 and have it arrested and exposed. it became extremely sad and apologetic and understood my anger as it indicated it never ment to harm me. it indicated that it grabbed me by my genitalia by accident and never intended any harm as a matter of fact it was doing research in curing my cancer ( in which they did, rcc) and was treating my aortic branch aneurism by advanced dna replacement and was excited to say that my aneurysm was reducing in size. it reduced 2 cm. it indicated if i would turn it in it would be killed immediately by its superiors as being caught and exposed is forbidden. it said it would cause mass panic with my people and many would die or be injured as they would be unable to comprehend the fact that they are indeed real. i then let it go telling it i forgave it and was extremely great full for what they have already done and was doing. i tried to explain my reasoning for being angry at it and it said it completely understood as it already knew i was a very kind and sympathetic person. it offered its hand as a gesture of friendship and i excepted telling it that i would never want it to encounter any harm and that i considered it to be my friend. it said thank you for your empathy and for being sinscere. then it changed its composition and went through my bedroom wall and left.

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Credit: MUFON

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