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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nottingham, England on 2018-10-24 11:05:00 - Silver object moved steadily, ascended slowly to high altitude where it remained for 35-40 mins, looking like very dim star..

I was working in my garden today, when a gleam caught my eye. i looked up and saw what i initially dismissed as a child's balloon, silver in colour, slowly and steadily heading south or perhaps a little south-east. it was rotating and the sun was glinting periodically off it (sun was roughly towards south-east, maybe at a 70 degree angle to the horizon). i thought it was perhaps the wind making the 'balloon' rotate, as often happens with these aluminium foil-looking balloons. it was rotating 'over-under' and not clockwise/anti-clockwise. i watched it for maybe two minutes, wondering where this lost balloon might end up. there was a light wind blowing towards the north-east but the 'balloon' was heading in the opposite direction. i thought this was unusual when i realised. i'd estimated its altitude at 150-200 feet,well above the rooftops, but i seem to be have been mistaken because shortly, a small jet approached from the south (probably leaving castle donnington airport or approaching tollerton private airport). this was lear jet-sized. the 'balloon' was below the flight-path of the jet, but not as far below as i'd thought.It seemed to be too close, given the size and altitude i'd estimated before. it stopped moving when the jet was very close, then steadily ascended (i thought that maybe it had headed east)and faded to the size of a dim star. i could barely see it at this point, shortly after 12 p.M. although it wasn't a rapid ascent, it reached what looked like high altitude very quickly when compared to the initial estimation of 150ft which makes me think it was actually much bigger and at a higher original altitude than i'd thought, which is what had made it seem like a child's balloon before. the above part of my description took place over just a few minutes but what seemed most unusual was that for the next 35 minutes it just hung at high altitude, completely and absolutely stationary. it didn't shine, twinkle or glimmer. it looked like what the first stars of the evening look like when they appear shortly after sunset. it was a very dim but constant pin-prick of light and it took ages to locate it again when i looked away. i spent so long watching it, i got tired of standing and i fetched a deck chair from my shed and i sat and watched, either expecting it to fade away or zoom off, but it just hung there, barely visible. i didn't even bother trying to photograph the object with my 'phone, because it was so dim and far away. if anything had shown up, it would have been a tiny dot. i eventually lost track of it because some thin clouds or spread-out vapor trails approached from the west and eventually made it impossible to see the object any longer. by this time it was 12:35. i got back to my gardening for about half an hour, and when the clouds had gone, the object was no longer there. i suppose the object might have been a helicopter or drone, but it seems highly unusual that one of those would hover at high altitude, absolutely stationary, causing a constant, unchanging, star-like reflection for 35 minutes. i live in a dodgy neighbourhood and often see police helicopters out spotting suspects for the cops on the ground but they don't hover for long (or do that at a very high altitude)before they fly off in a circle and begin again. to sum up, i don't know if i saw a flying saucer or not, but i've never seen any aircraft behave in the way the object did. i'd love to hear some theories. thanks for reading.

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Credit: MUFON

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