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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Rock Hill, South Carolina on 2018-10-13 12:57:00 - Object 1, white changed shapped objects 2-3, white spheres

It was really clear, bright and beautiful saturday afternoon. i was sitting outside enjoying the weather. i was working on something, when i just so happened to look up from my front porch, and there was this white object heading my direction. i first thought it was a very odd balloon, but then it changed its shape right before it got just about directly over my home it slowed down, stopped and hovered. there was a little breeze but balloons do not hover, which this thing did for maybe a few minutes the first time and then 2 or 3 mintues the second time. it started slowly moving towards the back of my home directionally then it stopped again and hovered. a few seconds later a commercial airplane flew by and the object just stayed locked in position. during this time my dog whom just had a procedcure down earlier in the week was going banannas barking non stop, so were the other dogs on my street. i did have some ringing in my ears but not untill it was hovering almost directly over my home, i did feel a little nauseous though during that time. before it turned and started heading east. upon reviewing the footage there were at leat 2 maybe 3 different sphere shaped things.You will have to slow the video down to be able to see them in the 5 second video. i mean balloons do not hover and take right angle turns, right? i did have some ringing in my ears that lasted maybe 5 minutes. i was trying to free up some space on my phone, so i could get a much better picture, which took less than a minute and when i looked back it the werid much bigger object had vanished and the 3 sphere looking objects as well. i went out today around the same time to see if i could see it, if by chance was still there or came back and it wasnt.

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Credit: MUFON

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