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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in BELLMEAD, Texas on 1974-05-01 22:30:00 - Traveling outside of bellmead on hwy 6 when a red light circled me 3 or 4 times

This report was filled out and filed at mufon hq from a letter mailed into mufon hq, by field investigator l. flechtner 18809 on 10/17/2018. ----------------------------------------------------------- this happened in 1974 when i was 19 ears old and i can remember every detail as if it happened yesterday. a letter is the best way i know of to relate the details. i also swear this story to be true. i didn't record the exact date of this encounter. i was driving south on highway 6 just outside of waco texas. at about 10:30 at night. i saw no other cars n this night, there were a few businesses in this area, but they wee all closed. i didn't have a camera, so i have no actual proof of what i saw and no other wittiness's, but i could not possibly make something like this up. i had just gotten on hwy 6 when a re light began to circle my car. at this point things happened very quickly with 30 seconds or less. as i began to react. my first thought was that it must be an emergency vehicle. a fire truck, a police car, or an ambulance. i looked in my mirrors to see if there were any vehicles behind me and there wasn't any. then i realized there were no sirens or any other sounds and that the red light wasn't flashing in the air but was being shined onto the ground and was circling my car about 100 feet . in front of it and about 20 feet behind it. i think it went around me 3 or times. i next thought that it was coming from something in the air, perhaps a helicopter, but there was no sound at all. by this time i was going about 50 or 55 miles per hour and was fast approaching an overpass. just as i get to the overpass i leaned forward over the steering as far as i could and looked up through the windshield and that's when i saw this object and i was absolutely terrified! it was about 100 ' in the air above my car and was going very slowly at a slight angle from right to left. it was just far enough in front of me that i could see it in it s entirety. i would guess it to be about 60 or 70' long. it had a glass? clear dome at he bottom of it and in the dome was a round, silver shallow cone shaped object which was slowly turning in a counter clock wise direction. it had no axis and seemed to be suspended in the dome. i didn't actually see the cone produce the red light, but it's probably where it came from. all this happened at a glance, maybe 5 seconds or so. as i crossed the overpass i could see it through my left window it had continued at the same slow speed and angle and was no longer right above me. i was not quite as frightened now, because i figured if it was going to do anything to me or my car it would have already done so. i drove far enough beyond the overpass so that any cars coming from behind me could see m lights and pulled over to the left shoulder of the road and stopped. i put my car in neutral and left it running the object went about 75 yards to an opening in a field between two small stands of trees and came straight down to about 4 feet off the ground. i sat there and watched it for at least 20 or 30 minutes. it never moved at all during this time. then it suddenly went straight up to about 1200'in the air at about 70 miles per hour and stopped in midair. it stayed there motionless for about a minute then it went instantly to about 5 miles away and stopped instantly in the air over an area of highway loop 340. it stayed there for 20 or 30 seconds and then went instantly to about 15 miles away ans stopped in the air instantly over the city of bellmead. i figured i had better not press my luck and try to follow it. i drove very slowly south on highway 6 looking back towards bellmead every few minutes. i lost sight of it about 30 minutes later. it was still in the air over bellmead the last i saw of it. surely some in bellmead or else where must have seen it, but there were no news reports of it that i know of. i didn't tell anyone about it because no one would believe me. the only people who have believed it when i told someone years later are people who have had similar encounters or know someone who has had such an encounter the next morning i go to work and so through that same area on my way home i stop at a gas station in that exact same area of highway 6. as soon as i drove into the station a black, 4 door lincoln continental had somehow followed me without my noting it. it stopped about 15 feet away from my car next to the access road. i could see 4 occupants in the lincoln. all 4 were dressed in the same black suites and all 4 had on the same kind of black hats.All 4 of their faces looked exactly alike! they didn't look human at all.While i was putting gas in my car i was facing the lincoln and i got a really good look at them. they never got out of the car they just sat there looking at me with the same expressionless faces. i can still remember them. this all happened in about 10 or 15 minutes. i knew that when i left they would try to follow me, and they did. i wasn't about to let what ever they were follow me any where! i out ran them to loop 340, made a series of turns and maneuvers on back roads until i was certain i had lost them and i never saw them again. that's the whole story. it all took place within about a 20 mile radius. i was never harmed or abducted. i never saw the object go into or come from outer space. although it's highly likely that it did. i never saw anyone or anything come out of it, except the red light. had to have come from it. judging by the way i saw this object go from point a to point b start and stop instantly in the air, i would say that it could circumnavigation this planet earth, or any others for that matter. start in one spot and stop in the exact same spot in the blink of an eye!

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Credit: MUFON

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