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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Collingswood, New Jersey on 2014-10-23 20:45:00 - 25 sets of triangular multi colored lights followed by a massive disc

Witness met fi bob spearing at 2018 mufon symposium and asked to be contacted about her sighting. she submitted a drawing of what she saw which was scanned and uploaded to this report. witness related the following to fi spearing over the phone: looking out of her backyard with her husband, they saw 25 groups of fast moving lights that took just seconds to cross the sky. lights were about 15,000 feet in air and rising. silent. lights were in a triangular formation. see drawing of triangle in middle of page to see colors and placement. husband saw lights at end or run and thought they were in a straight line but not triangular. however, both witnesses believed the lights were not separate entities but attached to a darker body.Immediately following these 25 groups of fast moving lights, a slow disc shaped object of massive proportions followed. they estimated it was at 30,000 feet and over a thousand feet in length. when asked if they extended their arm out straight and lifted up their thumb, the witness said that not only was the high flying object bigger than her thumb but it was bigger than her fist indicating a massive object with an escort o smaller leading objects. it was partially obscured by clouds and was similar in color grey to the night clouds. it also has a soft white glow around its leading edge per the wife. the husband thought he saw tiny white lights on the belly. the wife thought she saw a pattern of four tear drops forming a cross shape with the top points of the tear facing in to the middle of the cross. see witness submitted diagram at top of page. witness was unsure of date but positive it was in october of 2014 over her house in collingswood, nj. objects were flying southeast towards delaware - possibly towards dover afb.

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Credit: MUFON

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