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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Leo-Cedarville, Indiana on 2013-06-07 22:15:00 - Driving down a country road at night i came up upon a spacecraft adjacent to the road

On june 7th 2013 sometime after 10, probably 1015 to 1030pm-ish, as i was traveling to work. i saw a space craft. (i know the date because i made a facebook post about it that night, i can still find it searching my wall) i worked night shift as a medical professional, was headed in for the 11pm shift. as per my usual routine at the time. driving from leo indiana to fort wayne. going down my usual route, i suddenly and abruptly made a sharp turned, down a dark country road, i never took to work. i wondered why i turned, so mindlessly and quickly. instead of simply looking for a place to turn around, i decided to continue and take the totally different and longer route to work. i sped up to probably 50-60 mph or so. so i wouldn't be late to work. shortly after turning down this road and starting to speed down it, i passed a line of trees or chunk of dark woods that ended like a wind break. after i passed them, to my right, i immediately saw floating, hovering, an honest to god looking ufo style craft! i slammed on my brakes and completely made a dead stop in the road. i stared at it trying to understand in my mind what it really was. thinking what it could besides a ufo. i'm not sure how long this lasted but maybe a minute. enough time for me to go threw the possibilities in head and be awestruck by it's structure and make note of it. i was shocked. looked like a comic book ufo but in real life. just above the tree tops level was the bottom. under the craft was an open area, no trees or homes. a larger newer mansion style home was to the left of the craft. the trees to the right of it. the craft appeared to be similar in size to the mansion. adjacent to the road not back as far as the house. the house was close to this thing beside and in front of it. *which if i screamed or honked the house was close enough they would of heard me. the house had lights on inside and outside the home.* the craft had green lights and white lights, and i recall blue to it. and as i looked close what appeared to be like a line of windows around the middle top portion. possible figures or shadows behind the windows. it was a smooth dark shiney metal. it had no wings. lights under it. lights around the middle part. the smaller bubble on the larger bubble type comic book style craft body. hard to explain i could draw it. made no noise just hoovered silently. as i stared and realized confidently that this was in fact a spacecraft, i reached over in my passenger seat to grab my phone, it was inside my purse. i was digging in my purse blindly. i never took my eyes off the craft. all the contents of my purse fell to the floor. then i began scrambling for the phone reaching down to feel for it on the floor. still looking at the craft as it was rising up. so, i began to look for the phone, the craft slowly began to rise 90° straight up into the sky. still could be seen good. when i had my phone in my hand, it then immediately started to float faster towards the right and then shot across the sky like a shooting star, steaked white towards the right of the sky and disappeared in a second. it left the streak line for a second behind it and was gone. i posted to my presonal facebook june 7th 1056pm about it when i got to work, after i clocked in. i played it off as a strange plane but did somewhat describe it. when someone commented ufo. i continued to play it off as a plane, so people wouldn't think i was crazy. also i felt kind of terrified to give all the details out. i felt like i was guided and somehow entrusted to see it, but it didn't want me to take a picture. so i felt uneasy really sharing the details and played it off. i did tell my close co-worker nurse about the event in detail, that night because i knew she wouldn't think i was crazy and she wouldn't say anything. she believed me. i told some close family too. now recently i have been wondering about it. i brought it up to people who i told, who say they don't remember me telling them about it. some do but the memory is vague to them. as if it was an insignificant thing they filtered remembering but do kind of now that i mentioned it but not the details of when or how i saw a spacecraft. even tho i know i told them. that event felt somewhat spiritual or supernatural. i was not afraid, but later i was very cautious about sharing it to just anyone. i was completely sober, well rested, no history of hallucinations or mental illness. never experienced anything like that before or since. this is not a hoax and i do not want attention or the public people to even know who i am. before this event i'm not sure i even believed in alien life at all, didn't think about it much. another world somewhere way out in the distance like ours sure, but i certainly didn't think onewould be just hanging out in the country. i kind of thought ufo sightings only kind of happened to crazy people. i know what i saw, if it wasn't aliens then it was some government technologies that we as people are unaware of, either ours or someone else's. again it felt like almost telepathic in someway, like it knew what i was doing. lead me their. i don't believe this was a human craft. it was the real deal. now that time has passed i want to respectfully and mean no harm but have it reported and documented.

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Credit: MUFON

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