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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in SiĆ³fok, on 2018-08-13 23:50:00 - My son and i saw an orange glowing rombus shaped object flying very fast and had no sound.

We live in hungary by the lake balaton. on 13 of august 2018. at 23:50 my son and i was lying on the trambuline in the garden. we were watching the falling stars that time. my son asked me: what a ..... is that ? and pointed to north with his fingers. that moment i did not know what shall i see... in 2 seconds i realised what he saw... both of us saw the same thing. it was flying very very fast and had no sound, noise. it was about 200-300 meter high, rombus shaped and had orange light, like when iron is glowing from heat. it was not too far i think. it was so big like my nail on my thumb. we saw it only for a few seconds (5-6 sec) because of a tree in the garden. we was so surprised, we did not even try to make a photo... or video... i posted it on fb, of course nobody beleived us... one of my friend’s wife wrote me a message that maybe i can talk to her husband because he talked about something like this. he told me that he and a friend saw it too. they were about 7 km far from here to the west. he told me that it looked like a gold, orange glowing raja swimming in the air very fast. in october 2017. my wife and i saw a small sphere above the neighbour’s house. it was orange colored also and small like an apple. it was fast and changed the directions. it was hovering a few seconds above the house and then flied away and disappeared... it was like a flame sphere and had a trail behind it when it was moving... of course nobody beleived us also, just like the second time in august...

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Credit: MUFON

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