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Thursday, October 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hoosick, New York on 2018-10-25 05:30:00 - Large red glow in the sw sky

We moved to the area about two months ago. around 5:30a each day, i walk my dog out back. about two weeks ago, i was startled by a large red glowing light in the sw sky. at first i thought it might be the moon behind a cloud, but when i looked up the location of the moon, it was in a different part of the sky and it was waxing, so not large enough to emit that kind of light. i wrote it off as some kind of strange effect. then it appeared again about a week later. i tried to get a better view, but it seemed an indistinct large red glow. again, i could find no explanation, though my husband suggested perhaps the sunrise was being projected into the clouds ahead of sunrise. that explanation made some sense, though the light has been very consistent. today, we saw it again. i attempted to take photos each time and only twice have they turned out. thankfully, today the glow was apparent even after daylight and i have a photo taken at 5:30a and again at 6:50. it was gone by 7:20. i'm at a loss for what this could be. if the sunlight refracting, i would think it would move as the sun rose, but it stays steady. it's hovering over the horizon and i have found no lights in that area or even larger towns that might explain the intensity of the light. would really like to know what this is.

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Credit: MUFON

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