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Friday, October 12, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Mission Viejo, California on 2018-09-18 01:15:00 - Two objects in the sky. one triangular lights, another white blue lights in sky above it.

I was driving down the 405 freeway. entered on sand canyon on ramp, traveling south. passing the 133 exit, the night sky view opened up and i saw a triangular object, with red and green lights rotating. they were very bright and stood out against the very dark, clear sky. lots of stars were out, but the lights were distinctly rotating red and green. i thought it was plane, but then realized that the john wayne airport was closed. it was 1:15am. no planes coming and going. and the object was not moving, but hovering in the sky. the lights were very bright, lower in the sky than a plane would be. there were no sounds. (i was listening for a helicopter or motor sound. nothing.) the object was not moving, but was literally hovering in the sky. it followed along the sky as i drove down the freeway. i got off the freeway at oso parkway, and turned left, away from the object, traveling towards antonio parkway. i turned right onto antonio parkway, and pulled over to the side of the road, between oso and crown valley parkway, to see if the object was still in the sky. it was. i took two pictures, through my car window, with my cell phone. when i looked at my screen, the object came out as a small, red orb. my phone camera did not capture what i was actually seeing in the sky. it just looked like a tiny red orb. disappointed, i continued home, turning right onto covenant hills drive. driving down the street, i still saw the object in the sky. i turned down brittle star and parked again to watch the object in the sky. it was visible in front of me, moving slowly across the sky, eventually being hidden by trees in my view. in other words, it was moving, just very, very slowly across the night's sky. i went home and called my sister who lived in laguna niguel. she went outside and saw the red-green lights as well, traveling southeast. i sent her my two pictures. when she looked at them, she asked me what the object was to the left. from memory, i remember seeing a cluster of of blue-white stars, and that is what i told her. but two days later she asked me to look at the picture again. instantly, when she opened the picture on her phone, i saw the object. clearly and distinctly it was a spaceship. she also lightened the photo and the image was even more clear. additionally, if you look at the tiny red orb in the picture, you can see two distinct rows of lights; one coming from the red light, and one above that that are all white, maybe indicating the red lights were attached to another object, below the blue-light object. the evening i took the picture, i was totally concentrating on the red/green lights i saw int he sky. i did not pay attention to the blue-white lights in the sky because there were so many stars in the sky, from my peripheral i just saw a cluster of stars. it just looked like a constellation. but my photo seemed to capture something else. and i can't explain what was the colored light that captured my attention. the blue-white lights clearly looks like a spaceship. had i not taken the pictures myself, i would not have believed that this was real.

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Credit: MUFON

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