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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Florida on 2016-06-06 08:01:00 - I observed what appeared to be two landing lights flying formation with nothing in between

I was standing at the seawall of the titusville marina looking east when i looked up and saw what appeared to be a red and green navigation lights moving east towards merritt island and the space center.There was no discernable aircraft between them. not even a ripple. the air was calm and evening was just aproaching. slight high overcast but i would have seen any aircraft clearly.It happened so fast i didn't have time to take a photo or point it out to anyone else the lights moves east away from me and appeared to get closer together as of it was moving away and possibly decending. no reference to indicate size or even altitude other than comparing the intensity of the lights to other airctaft. using this it seemed to be around fifteen hundred feet in altitude.I got the i had the impression it was looking altitude as it moved over me and east. just like an approach to a landing.I am a pilot and what you might call a viable witness the lights were not strobing bit steady.I assumed it must be a visually stealth craft that somehow forgot to turn it's wingtip navigation lights off.Maube heading for a landing on the shuttle landing strip.

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Credit: MUFON

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