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Saturday, October 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Le Roy, New York on 1966-05-31 00:00:00 - Fast moving light suddenly stopped, remained stationary, then suddenly started moving again.

Here is what i remember about this incident. i spent much of my childhood in farm country in genesee county ny. my father and i spent many warm evenings lying on the grass on the north side of our house, "stargazing". we got used to recognizing satellites, meteors, and aircraft. one night, and i don't remember what year it was but it was almost definitely in the 1960s, we were watching the northern sky and all of a sudden we noticed a fast-moving light in the northwest. it moved southward so fast that we had to get up and run around to the south side of the house to see where it went. it appeared distant but high in the sky, and was not likely a nearby plane moving at high speed. also, it was a white light, no blinking red and green, and not blinking at all. on the south side of the house we saw it continue to move southward at great speed until it reached a point well southwest of our house, when it appeared to instantaneously stop moving. i realize that a moving object at night can appear to stop moving because it turns to a direction straight away from you, but this object seemed to stop too fast for that. shortly after that my sister came running out of the house. she had been listening to a top 40 am radio station from buffalo ny (she was perhaps in her early teens). they interrupted the music to say that many residents of attica ny were out in the streets, looking at a bright, stationary light above them in the sky. i got out my compass and determined that the light was indeed in the direction of attica. i knew how far were lived from attaica, and i made a rough caculation of its angle above the ground, and based on the distance it was at least tens of thousands of feet above the ground. (attica is in wyoming county ny, just south of genesee county) eventually, as suddenly as the object stopped, it instantly started moving again, and again at incredible speed. i lost sight of it after ten seconds or less. when local news reported the event, the "authorities" (can't remember if was the military or state police) said that the object was an airplane. if it was not an extraterrestrial craft i suspect it was a secret military device (an aircraft, most likely). i haven't found any reports of the incident on line. maybe it's in your records. i entered 100 below under number of witnesses, and i expect that is an underestimate.

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Credit: MUFON

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