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Thursday, October 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in South Carolina on 2018-10-12 02:30:00 - Glowing cirle of light. projected super bright pulsating beam of light on to house.

Awaken by significant other around 230 am on october 12, 2018. this was the night following hurricane michael coming through our area. she told me someone was in the back yard with a flashlight. the bedroom where i was sleeping has blackout curtains and i could see a bright light emitting from the top of the curtain. i made my way to the windows facing the back yard. there a two switches that control four flood lights that will illuminate the backyard when turned on and they are located next to the windows and door that lead outside. once i reached the curtain, i could see a powerful circular light source penetrating through the blackout curtain. i turned on the back yard lights and opened the curtain simultaneously. the light disappeared as soon as i turned on the flood lights. my significant other said aloud..."it just disappeared!". i did not hear any noise associated with the light source. i proceeded to quickly go upstairs and outside to investigate. i found and heard nothing. i asked my significant other what made her notice the object. she stated she awoke to go to the bathroom and noticed the hallway was filled with a bright light. this is not normal because the backyard is a heavily wooded area that is very close to the house and light does not penetrate from the road below the wooded area. the light was coming through the floor to ceiling glass windows that face the back yard. this bedroom is empty and has only thin translucent sheers on the windows. she could see the light was slowly pulsating. she was frightened and decided to wake me to investigate. she says it is the brightest light she's ever seen. the following day i investigated further and found no disturbances. i also talked to neighbors and they didn't see anything that evening. one neighbor commented that the dogs in the neighborhood typically bark at everything during the night. i agreed with my neighbor about the dogs and commented that our dog appeared frightened and went under the bed. he typically barks at noises, activity, etc.. the event has left me feeling baffled and slightly uneasy. my significant other ...She is scared at night now.

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Credit: MUFON

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