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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2018-10-21 02:33:00 - Witnessed a pulsating multi colored light that was hovering then would shift left or down rapidly, then it would slowly start ascending, slowly to the south. through binoculars & saw a complete spectrum of rapid pulsating lights.I filmed and took pics.

It waas about 2:30am on 10/21/2018 (late saturday night, technically sunday morning) and i was in my room, fully awake. i was ironically watching the bill cooper sedona lecture, which was the first time i had ever listened to bill cooper. my roommate calls down the stairs (i have a bedroom in a converted basement) hushed but urgently, "neal!! neal!! are you awake? i say yeah.... what's up? she says, "there's a frickin' ufo outside!" ... !! i susddenly got chills all up and down my spine... like really strong gooseflesh. i was shocked and i did not know what i was about to see as i rushed upstairs and into the kitchen. gina was at the kitchen window above the sink and she tells me to look ese and up in the sky i saw what kinda looked like a planet, yet this was pulsating and twinkling unlike anything i have ever seen. it kinda looked like it was multi colourwd. i was looking for any distict white, blue, or red blinking light which would have perhaps indicated it was a heliocpter or plane. she then told me to lkeep watching cause it will suddenly move left or right... and then it would drift a little. i told her i was going to go grab my binocculars and thatb we could go out onto the driveway to get a better view. she was afraid to go out by herself. she is straightforward and down to earth, yet very spiritual. i have never known her to spook easy. i dpon't spook easy either, and i was definately spooked at this point. i grabbed my phomne and binoccculars and when i observed the object through the lenses, i definately could see that it was pulsing multicoloured lights, like a raindbow spectrum, but not in any sequence or order... it was all jumbled together. then i saw it move quickly left. then back. it dashed so fast, it almost was like it jumped. i took my phone out and filmed several short videos. i knew it was not a heliocopter and i have never seen a planet or star move so erradicly... i took some pictures and spent about 45 minutes or more watching it start to drift ever so slowly south. like from where it was it looked like to was moving from southeast (if i faced north and pointed to it on a clock dial, it would have been between 3 and 4, closer to 4 o'clock and moving towards 6. it started going behind a pinetree across the street and at that point i felt there was really nothing else i could do to try and understand what it may have been. i thought perhaps it could have been a drone. but i observed this thing for about an hour, all tofether. i'm not sure what a drones flight time limits are... it seemed pretty high up, too. my house on a map is near the intersection of se 74th and se harold streets. it kinda looked like it could have been over mt. scott, which is a butte southeast of us, on the other side of i-205. i would be curious to know if anyone else saw this and reported it. investigators are wlcome to contact me. i have a few more pictures, all similar to the ones i uploaded, and maybe two or threee more videos. i swaer that everything i have stated is absolutley true and my roommate would give a similar account if she were asked for one. thank you, j. neal carr

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Credit: MUFON

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