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Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Quincy, Illinois on 2010-05-31 00:00:00 - We were having a bon fire. saw it fly over above us. we ran inside. the craft was dead silent. it started decending. ran inside, looked from window. got good view of it. heard a jet coming. it rose back up and took off, crazy fast. jet followed it.

I would have been a young teenager at the time. i remember it was a thursday, because i later made a joke about not going outside ever on a thursday again. my friend 'john,' my mother and i were having a bonfire. my mom saw something over the field far off floating. stationary. my mom joked about how it was aliens that were going to butt probe us all. my friend 'john' and i finally looked over at it, expecting my mom to be lying.. it was far away. i could see it through the dim light in the sky from after the sun had set. we made more stupid jokes about it. it stayed there for a little bit, then my mom suddenly stopped laughing and yelled get in the house. i looked up where it had been. seconds after just seeing it far away and now it had been almost directly above us. it was dead silent. this thing made no noise that we could hear. a bright white light on the bottom was now on. i ran toward the house. looked back to make sure they were coming. my mom was trying to pull 'john' away from staring at it. he was scared frozen. she finally got him to turn around. we all then ran together toward the house. it was lower then the tree tops and still descending. i thought it was going to land just feet from our fire pit where we had just been sitting. we got inside and looked from the kitchen window. when we were under it, it was sort of triangular shaped, but with rounded edges. four lights, one on each of the three points and one huge light in the middle. all white, with the bigger middle one being the brightest. from looking out the kitchen window, the surface was shiny, but too dark to tell the exact color. from the different angle from up through the window, the outline would have made it seem like it looked saucer shaped from a almost level side view. it then suddenly started to go back up slowly. when it was back above the tree line, we heard a jet off in the distance. the craft rose up higher in the sky and took off faster than it should have been possible. the jet seemed like it was trying to follow it. i looked at the clock on the oven, it said around 11 pm. if there was any missing time, i wouldn't know. i was too stunned to look at the time on my phone(if i even had it on me) before it got close over the field. you know my mom was scared when she let a boy stay the night. she didn't want to leave to take 'john' home after that. we made sure my dad wasn't gone. he was still in his room sleeping. we three camped out right outside my dad's door in the living room. new government toy being tested, or aliens being chased away, i don't care, it was creepy. before this incident: years before this incident, there was a solid black helicopter, dark tinted windows and no marking on it anywhere, flying at or slightly below the tree line. it got as gutsy as to face the house and hover 20 feet above our garage. my sister saw it right out her bedroom window upstairs. i was around 10 or 11 and waved at it. after incident: there had been huge spot lights coming from the sky shining on the neighbors house, in the back yard, and into the field. no sound of a craft heard at all these times. i've seen big hummer like vehicles stop at the top of the road behind our house and watched small groups of people with flash lights walk through the field.

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Credit: MUFON

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