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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Goderich, Ontario on 2018-10-24 18:05:00 - Several objects interacting of different shapes and sizes then jets chased towards them as they went in different directions.

We just finished dinner in town at the top of the hill in godeich ontario. went down to the beach to watch sunset. was with my family who stayed in the car cause it was very cold with the wind chill. my hands were shaking while having a smoke when i noticed a very funny disk shaped cloud that was moving very very fast. the speed made me notice, so i took out my hone and took a sequence of shots with the camera. then i took pics of other strange looking things in the sky. when i decided to film the sunset and i begun to notice other random craft all over the place. some were disk shaped and some were perfect spheres. at the time i really only noticed two of them to the left of the sun with the shine going off of the objects. i then saw that one of the objects slowly disappeared but i didnt get that part on camera cause i was holding on the other object in the distance. when i noticed the jets coming from the south i panned over to them then went back over to the objects where the one to the left of the brightest one was moving from far left and going under the brightest one. in the footage you can see other objects to the right as well that are harder to notice but they are there. i even asked the people in the car if they could see it and they said they didn't but they thought i was talking about the jets hahah. but later on one of them admitted to not saying anything in front of the others because they are normally a very pragmatic person. they were in a rush to leave so i had to run but even way later in the night at 130 am i couldn't sleep and many miles away in benmiller which is actually kind of close to goderich, in a different area of the sky i saw a hovering disk at 200-300 feet away at about a 35-45 degree angle and it was just hovering there. i was inside the house and came outside like i knew it was there already? when i came outside it was there for like 30 seconds then it was just gone. and if my direction's are right it was about north west from the balcony. when this disk was outside i almost freaked out and ran inside but was compelled to watch. it was like it knew where i was but just wanted to say hello or something... the thing i did not mention about the beach sighting is that after we left the restaurant and knew we were going to the beach, i did a conscious mention to the world that i really wanted to see a u.F.O in front of my family. and i concentrated on it for only a few minutes. but it happened to work somehow. i think they call it a ce5. anyhow i never told anyone about the 130am sighting cause i didn't get it on film. but i think it's important. you are welcome to call me and find out anything you guys want from me. but i dont want any of my info out there as to my personal information. thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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