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Friday, October 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Torquay, England on 2018-10-26 21:45:00 - Bright red orb travels down vertically, disappeared and reappeared blue. did it again but reappeared red. it then gently landed on the wet sand. two "flashlights" came from it and were searching around on the beach before returning to the orb, and fading

26 october 2018: around about 9.30: the moon was red and the tide was low. two friends and i were standing in the dunes above the beach, just looking at the full red moon. the beach we were at is fairly busy during the day, but at night we rarely see anyone, maybe the odd person walking his dog. we had just seen a shooting star. then we saw this semi- bright, unwavering green star, slowly moving in a straight line away from the moon. it was fairly close to the moon, but still bright. we first thought it was a satellite or a plane. occasionally turning off and on, for only about 5 seconds. it would also occasionally stop and start, for a couple seconds. until it disappeared a minute later. moments after we saw a bright red orb, the size of a large star in the same general area as the green, close to the moon. it was slowly moving vertically down. we thought it could've been a weather balloon slowly falling down, until it disappeared, and and reappeared blue, a couple centimetres away from where it disappeared. the blue light was not quite as large and bright as the red light. it then continued to travel vertically down, at the same speed. we were in complete awe. it turned back to the large, bright red light, but this time, it was just above the ground, slowly landing on the wet sand. the reflection from the light bounced onto the wet sand. when this happened, we were all unsure of what we were seeing, because we expected it to go behind the horizon. there's no lights on the horizon in the area it landed, the red orb was the only light in a large area of darkness. it stays there motionless for about 30 seconds when two white lights slowly started to come out of the red light. it looked like two flashlights walking around on the sand. they must've been fairly close to the water, if not knee to waist deep in it. this was when our feeling of awe and amazement left, and was replaced it fear. they were looking around on the beach, moving slowly for about 2 or so minutes. they never got too far away from the red light, maybe 50 metres at most. we were freaking out trying to discuss what we were seeing. we decided to pack up our stuff and get out of there. we jumped down from the dunes and started to run to the beach exit. while we were running we could still see the two lights searching around on the beach. roughly a minute later we arrived at the exit out of breath, but before we walked out we had one last look at the lights. the two white lights got back inside the red orb from behind. seconds after the red orb just slowly faded away. gone. we continued to run away out of the beach and onto the footpath out the front. we sat on the grass discussing what we saw, all the exact same experience. 30-40 mins went by and we got the courage up to go and investigate, but when we got to the area they had landed about 20 mins later, the tide had risen quite a bit. any remains would've been covered by water. that's the end of that amazing experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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