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Friday, October 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on 1998-06-01 01:30:00 - Looked like a giant plasma lamp

About 20 years back my friend and i were walking back home at night(approx 1am-ish) we were walking on a 2 lane road on the sidewalk. on the other side of the street there was a golf course (no sidewalk on that side) on our side there were houses. it was a nice spring/summer night with clear skies. i turned my head to my right (towards opposite side of street and saw it. it looked exactly like one of those plasma lamps that you touch yer finger to and the lightning or whatever you wanna call it touches yer finger. hopefully most of you know what i mean ...I think radio shack sold em here in canada in the 90's. anyhow there were differences, first and foremost this thing was huge , i'd estimate 12-15 ft in diameter with the center "ball" being about 1-2 ft in diameter. the colors were opposite to the lamps though, with the "arms" being pinkish purple and the center "ball" being blue. it hovered at the edge of the road across the street about a foot or so off the ground, it was not moving around but just hovering there but the "arms" were moving around within the sphere. it made no noise at all. another odd part to the story is that neither myself nor my friend noticed it as we approached even though we had a clear view hundreds of feet before we got to it(we were directly across from it when i noticed it) i'm not even sure my friend would have had i not said to him "hey man, look at that, that's weird" he turned saw it and said something like "yeah that is weird" but for some reason we kept walking and at the time it didn't seem like a big deal (no idea why) i remember looking back once we got to the end of the road (about 2 blocks away) and it was still there. we walked the rest of the way back to his place where i was staying the night, we went to sleep right away. another weird part to this story is we both awoke at the same time the next morning, rubbing our eyes and yawning we looked at each other and at the same time both said "what the fawk was that last night?" we walked back straight away still wiping our eyes from sleep to try to find anything that might give us a clue...Found nothing save a small bare patch of dirt where it was (rest was well cared for grass)..About 4-6 inches circular...But this is a golf course so could have just been from a club? i find it very odd that neither of us thought anything of it at the time and just kept walking....That's not like me , my friend was even less interested than i was when we saw it. in the morning we were both very freaked out by it. it was no more than 20-25 ft away. i've been looking online for other people who may have had a similar encounter but no luck as of yet, plz if anyone can give an explanation or share a similar story it would be greatly appreciated!! and i'd be happy to answer any questions should anyone need more info.

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Credit: MUFON

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