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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bremen, Maine on 2018-09-29 22:00:00 - A sphere of light

Last weekend i visited a remote island in maine with three others. saturday night they were all asleep by nine, so i went for a walk around the (very small) island, eventually heading to the beach and laying in the sand for a while, looking up at the stars. at around 10-ish, the moon began to rise and, at the same time, i became aware of a glowing yellow/orange/white light on the horizon, falling slowly. i took it to be a flare. i then walked back through the forest to get some blankets and circled back onto the beach; this probably took about half an hour. when i returned to the beach, i noticed that the orange/white light had grown quite a bit larger or had come closer, and was still falling. i stood on the beach fixated on it until it seemed to reach the water. then, it sunk into the water, it almost seemed to crash into the water, i'm not sure how to describe it. i then endeavored to row out to the thing, in the small fiberglass rowboat we had onshore. i think i did this because we had spent the day rowing around the island, and it just seemed kind of natural to go and look at the thing. i realize this is a bit irrational. i found it very hard to locate the light in the water after i began rowing (as the rower sits backwards in the rowboat), and it took me fifteen or twenty minutes to row out to it. at one point, i seemed to come very near to it, as the sea-floor was suddenly visible - illuminated - still very murk-ish and brown, but i think i could make out the bottom, drifting vegetation and rocks etc. and this made me really nervous, so i headed back to the shore (rapidly). i tried to wake my friends but they were all pretty drunk and not really in a state to listen to me. at this point, i thought that i was either being tricked by the rising moon (which was incredibly bright that night) or a small passenger plane had crashed and was burning in the ocean. i attempted to contact the coast guard but there isn't really cell signal on the island. so, i took the motorboat out off the dock (attached to the island, about a quarter of a mile out from the beach) and tried to find the object/the light-source again, but i couldn't, and it was very dark, and i began to feel very nervous driving the boat around in the darkness (i expected coast guard boats to be coming because it seemed like something had very obviously crashed into the water, and i didn't have any indicator lights on the small passenger boat), so i returned to the shore and watched for a while. no one came. i mentioned it to the others the next morning and they were passive to it. i feel like i should have contacted the coast guard once i had signal, again, but i was afraid the whole thing would sound ridiculous. so instead i'm filing out this report. which is probably also pretty useless, i assume, unless someone else could corroborate this. i should probably add that i was sober throughout the duration. i hope this is of some help to someone.

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Credit: MUFON

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