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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bournemouth international, England on 1991-08-09 22:20:00 - My wife called me into the rear garden ,to observe a very fast moving very bright craft, of an oval shape. the craft shot a cross the night sky in a straight line several times, it then stopped over the international airport .For some minutes, then up v

On the evening of 9th august 1991 at 10 20 pm my wife who was in the rear garden, shouted out loud to my self. i was indoors at the time. on rushing out to garden we observed a oval ,very bright craft shooting across the night sky, this occurred several times, then it shot away in a westerly direction. some few seconds later, it reappeared from a easterly direction. to stop instantly over the bournemouth international airport. the craft hovered for some minutes, very bright and all aglow, l felt very excited at my observations. to the point of climbing up onto a strong garden table, l then very foolishly waved my arms about. after about 5 to 10 minutes it just shot straight up , and gone. i observed no acceleration, or deceleration during the entire duration of my, our observations. i have never seen any craft move so fast or manouver so rapid from a stationary position . i cannot explain what we observed ,but i know it was under control, and not of our tech, my thoughts are that this was way in advance of anything we could produce, possibly thousands of years ahead of us.. i tel the international airport, the next morning, they told me that the radar is turned off at night, l tel the bournemouth daily echo paper, and spoke to a gent who said that others also saw things, l did not see any report in the papers. then the following day i received a tel call from a gent called gordon creighton, he explained to me that he produced a auto paper each month, and they go to many goats of the world. including china and russia.He told me that there may be more than 25 different types. i had never known of gordon creighton before the call. i now have a greater understanding , if not full knowledge. i am a retired electrical engineer.

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Credit: MUFON

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