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Friday, October 12, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Biggar, Scotland on 2015-07-11 01:00:00 - Three occupants of car followed at very close quarters for 4 miles bu submarine like ufo.Car speed 10 mph

i,along with my 2 sisters were towing my brother in-law's broken down car. he was in the car being towed with my other brother in-law. we were travelling through 7 or 8 miles of open countryside close to a scottish border called biggar, on the main edinburgh -carlisle road. we were surrounded by trees on the left hand side (drivers side in uk )it was approx.1a.M..It was a very bright moonlit night, with the odd cloud. because it was a country road, there were no street lights, and because i was towing a car round bends on the road, my speed would have been 10.Mph. apart from moonlight and car lights we were in complete darkness, with no traffic coming in either direction. all of a sudden we had a ufo flying on my right hand side just above tree height. i was difficult to judge size of craft, but it was huge, maybe 100-150 feet long, shaped like a submarine. we all witnessed it. it was silent, and surface looked dull metallic, as it was reflecting the moonlight. this object was travelling at the same speed as my car !!!!!!! i rolled down to window for a closer look. i was not fightened, neither were other witnesses...We just could not believe what we were witnessing. the object was flying longways,then all of a sudden " it swivelled "and tilted still travelling at approx.10mph.There appeared to be a window on the front edge of the object. by this time the trees had cleared, and the nose dropped and tail raised. i got the impression like this was an observation deck or something. it is difficult to be precise how long this encounter lasted, i would guess at least 10 minutes of a very close encounter. then the object swivelled back to appear straight and took off at an unimaginable speed from almost a standing start. because the moon was so bright we could follow its path into the distance. it then made a complete right angle turn and flew skywards. we have no video/ mobile footage. we have told family and friends, but nothing more until now.

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Credit: MUFON

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