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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Medora, Indiana on 2012-07-21 00:00:00 - For a few seconds a man hovered in air over water

For a few seconds a man hovered in air over water, east fork of white river next to longest covered bridge in us, medora indiana. i and a 14 year old boy where walking through flooded river to try and get to covered bridge,when he appeared, it lasted only seconds, the boy did not see anything. the man clothing appeared ancient. he was wearing a white robe with a red robe over the white one, long sleeves, which defied gravity by not falling down. he was barefoot. his hands where posed, one was up one was down, as where his feet, one leg was raised and one wasn't. his fingers where posed as well. i could see his white robe bleeding through the red robe. like it was a large knit. his face looked not unlike you know who. brown skin, long black or dk brown hair, some facial hair. one second he was there, one second he was gone. i consider myself a sensitive having seen and felt many paranormal events. i am reporting it hear hoping to at least preserve what i saw, and, no one else seems interested. i tried to research online to see if paranormal activity was reported near bridge, as often is case, but came up empty. although in general area you can find all kind of paranormal activity. in this area of weird indiana are all types of strange stories. such as, blue lady in haunted story indiana, bigfoot tv show in same area, legends of big black cats, two headed rattlesnake just discovered in same area, nazi secret aircraft at freeman airbase during wwii, indiana stonehenge on top of brown mountain, millrace monster sighting of 1974 in columbus indiana and many more. i was at time of sighting i was 55, i hope to report in case some one else sees something unusual there and so it doesn't get lost to history. hopefully it will get logged in your database forever and not lost to time. please keep me anonymous, as you can imagine how this story goes over.

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Credit: MUFON

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