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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Jensen Beach, Florida on 2018-10-02 22:30:00 - One disc that changed into a triangle and also into a cone, fluttering, and then up to 10 discs mostly stationary, all with rotating lights.

1. 15th floor of oceanfront condo balcony, relaxing after 2 person dinner. 2. pulsating lights 3. unknown 4. the first object seen was at 45 degrees, pulsating radius of green, yellow, red, and white lights, fluttering, changing to vertical orientation, hovering, and then about 3 1/2 hours later was seen near ocean surface, erratically bouncing and fluttering. within the first hour two others were also observed, but were stationary, and by the 3rd hour, at least 10 were observed, mostly hovering at around 50 degrees on the horizon, covering a span from clock position 10 to 3. 5. curious, analytical, could not believe our eyes, but confirmed sighting with on a tripod. camera take low light picture. watched for 4 hours, went to bed, got up at 4 a.M. and 5:55, objects still there. woke after sunrise. no sighting. 6. went to bed. if you request sketch or drawing, it can be provided.

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Credit: MUFON

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