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Monday, October 15, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Citrus Heights, California on 2018-10-12 01:01:00 - Saw craft flying at rapid speed in sky suddenly craft was hovering above my car opened moon roof craft turned and i saw 3 lights in triangle shape. light turned on amd off randomly almost like signaling something. craft flew about for an hour.

My husband my friend and i were palying pokemon go in the grocery lot near home. very busy city near a shopping mall. craft flew up into our veiw in distance about 15 miles from us. suddenly within 2 to 4 min the craft was right above our car. we opened the moon roof to see and it was so close we could see the craft outline. its lights were positioned in a triangular shaped but lightly resembled the "enterprise". i know "the enterprise? really?" yes, really. the disk portion of the craft had a light on top and the "wings" had lights atop them as well giving it a triangular look (like 3 lights in a triangle pattern with the point at the top.) if you cant see the ship itself. as close as it was it produced no sound like a helicopter or other air craft sounds like. it was very fast. it had no specific destination it seemed. it almost acted as if it was just "checking things out" it randomly flashed in no specific pattern and seemed to "dodge" a commercial air craft as it flew near the area we were in. it could turn on a dime and move upward and downward in place. i saw the craft again on the 13th at the same time. when i notice it. it seems to follow us while we played pokemon until we head home then it seemed to part ways with us finally. my husbans and close friend were present during both sightings. shortly after both sightings a 2nd strange craft resembling a military drone with white and a red flashing light moved to tge area and seemed to patrol the zone for about another hour. these things seem to ignore other air craft unless they get too close. then they seem to move out of they way. or better put, move from veiw of other air craft pilots.

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Credit: MUFON

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