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Friday, October 12, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Keresley End, England on 2018-04-30 03:10:00 - Silent triangle over garden seemed to change atmosphere a little which is what made me turn & look out.Orbs in field dancing days previously.

I’m so unsure where to start. i suppose i should tell you what happened in the days leading up to the ufo. i noticed lights first in the days before the incident in farmers field behind my home. i tried so hard to get pictures on my iphone but it’s pitch black and through the bushes they kept going out of site. there were 3 of them like dancing around each other. they were a bright white/yellow colour to begin with. they did however turn an orange red glow at one point which scared me as it was at the time when i was attempting to take pictures. this was about 3 to 4.30am. i can only tell you that the thing that made me look outside that night, was the feeling that i was being watched. as my home backs out on to complete blackness with the farmers fields and our local council shuts off all street lights at night and should add, i am disabled and spend much time in the bedroom and my bed is by the window with the window behind my head. i struggle to sleep at night with pain as about 3 years ago i completely stopped taking all medication as it was making me feel bad. i am and have to be more vigilant of security being as my daughter and myself are here and i’m a little more vulnerable due to my disability. i am so familiar with all the animal sounds at night but i had noticed odd bird like sounds leading up to these things that happened, the cows sometimes when they are in the field behind the house will start to make noises if they are out when i have seen lights. its like nesting birds would make noise like they were being disturbed when they are usually quiet at night. i even have an owl which comes most nights and i have a little fun trying to reply to it’s twit sounds that it makes. i make twoo sounds back at it. sometimes i think there are two though as i hear like two making the noises. it’s comforting like they are trying to find a mate with each other. it’s like they are more active when i see these little lights. these are things that i have noticed anywa. i’ve thought andbthought long and hard about it all. my adult daughter and i have seen these lights at our home on a couple of occasions before. once in the garden at night, the most frightening time though, there were two in the house like golf ball sized. they stayed exactly the same distance from each other the whole time and they bounced around our living room like two bouncing balls that had been thrown really hard so they would bounce off the ceiling to the floor to the wall, to the opposite wall. i think these things could be connected that have happened here over the years. on three occasions i have had the most horrific sleep disturbances. i suppose they are a different thing though so probably not connected. i apologise if i seem to be babbling but i’m just so alert now and trying to work out of these things that have happened over the past 10 years are in any way related. i may be adding two and two and coming up with five. it’s just i’m scared to be honest because what i saw flying over my home has utterly convinced me that there are things we don’t understand and to be honest, i would much rather prefer if there wasn’t. ok! now to the night which has changed everything for me. in may this year, i was as usual binge watching a tv series as i really struggle to sleep at night. the truth be known, i feel a little more at ease sleeping in the day ever since i had the sleep disturbances a few years back. as i said i sleep with my back to the window, but i was laying there when all of a sudden it was like i could feel a little shift in atmosphere. the only way to discribe it is if the lights were out and you couldn’t see anything, you can almost feel the difference if you were to be in a normal sized empty room as a pose to being in a hallway with a very low ceiling inches above your head. not that i’ve done this, it’s just that feeling of spatial awareness even though it’s pitch black. then i felt like a prickling of my skin on the back of my head and neck. it felt like a really really intense feeling when you know someone is looking at you so you turn and look and find that someone is looking. like on a bus someone sitting behind you staring at the back of your head. only this was so much more intense that it made me sit up and turn to look out the window. i first turned off the tv to make it easier to see out as there’s no reflection with the light from the tv. i have severe spinal issues so it takes time to move and it can be very painful. what i saw when i turned around shall stay with me forever burned into my brain. as i say i have farmers fields right out the back of my home, which are separated by well established trees and a gulley for when it rains to take water away to stop flooding. well right above my garden and my neighbours garden, was a huge what i can discribe as a triangle black hovering object. when i say this was close, i mean just above tree top level. so much so that at the time it went over the trees i thought, ‘that’s going to hit a power line if it doesn’t go higher.’ i could see the back, or what i assume was the back had two huge white lights one each end. these lights were insanely bright, but the really odd thing is they didn’t seem to cast a beam of light like a torch. i can’t really discribe it, i know it doesn’t make any sense. i imagine the width of the back to be about 30 -35 feet across. each of the white lights must have been about 4-5ft in diameter. the black body of what ever it was, the surface reminded me of how a black slate appears. the surface is smooth and solid but with ridge details like uneven. it could have been random like slate or it could have been a repeating pattern or design, i can not say as i didn’t get to focus my attention on that for too long to study it. my eyes were darting all over it as i wanted to see it all what i was looking at. i looked down for one second to get my phone to take a picture and when i looked back up, i saw it also had this dome like light, maybe as large as the white ones right underneath. this bright red light was not on when i first looked, it was like when i looked down to get my phone, the light had been turned on. if you imagine a big 4-5ft red flashing ball, cut it in half and plonk it right on the bottom of this thing. i swear although it was flashing, i think there was something moving within it. not like a light you see on a police car where the thing that spins within the light to make it flash, to me it appeared to not be uniformed enough to be that. but it was flashing. i can not be 100% about there being something in the red dome. it’s just what i perceived, it could have been anything. heck what i saw was impossible, so what could have been moving within the red dome underneath it is just as much impossible and to be honest, i think i would rather be wrong about that. not only had this red light come on and started flashing but it was moving away from above mine and my neighbours garden but it was now moving away over the trees. it was completely silent! impossible though that sounds. i tried so hard to get my iphone onto the camera to get a picture but i couldn’t get it in time. if it had been higher up, it would have taken longer to disappear over the trees, but it was low, real low. the funny thing is, i can’t remember being able to see the lights every now and then through the leaves as it had gone to the other side over the trees. maybe they turned them off, i don’t know. the tree line didn’t seem to be disturbed or be rustling as it went over. nothing! it was as simple as that! it was gone! i considered calling the airport in birmingham to tell them, or warn them because of planes taking off and landing, but i thought better because if someone called me saying that, i would have surely think i had a lunatic or a joker on the line. it has taken me all this time to consider sending this to anyone as my family look at me and there are jokes when i have mentioned it to the few that i have spoke to. but what has spurred me into action is ever since that night, my eyes don’t seem to be the same. it’s like my vision is blurry sometimes if trying to watch tv or read. i also seem to be losing hair more. that could be coincidental, but for about two weeks after, the back of my head felt itchy like when you have sunburn and the skins reacting to it trying to repair itself and it gets itchy. i might be in the realm of looking for reason where there is coincidence now, but after this happened, in the space of a days, there was a huge electrical storm over the area. it was the most spectacular lightening strikes and thunder storm. probably totally unrelated, but i thought i should mention it. this has affected me sleeping now to the point where i’m now so much more comfortable sleeping in the day. what are these thing? more importantly why are they here and i can tell you now that although i’ve always thought if there’s intelligent life out there and they are visiting, then they are obviously not planning on hurting us or they would have by now. i do pride myself on being very very instinctual. i have very good instincts to the point, i once saved a group of children by looking at a man in a car driving past and due to my quick reporting and action even though there was no reason to my thoughts, i convinced police through a call and they stopped him and he had come equipped with things for taking a child and was a convicted child milestone and was already suspected of abduction. i seem to pick up on the wnergy around me very well. this experience however, this thing whatever it was, this ufo. the feeling i got from it was not and still now is not a good feeling. it felt like i had just witnessed some kind of reconnaissance. i am not a paranoid person, i even joined seti years ago after seeing the lights in my living room and my garden to help listen out for sounds and signals from space. i felt foreboding and when i was trying to get my phone on camera to take a picture, i had even said to myself i better make sure there’s no flash and god help me and don’t let this thing or whatever was in this thing be upset at me taking pictures. i am a very open minded person, but honestly, although i’m lucky enough to see what many people actively go out and look for night after night. i don’t feel very lucky because of how i’ve been left feeling. it occurred to me afterwards, i didn’t hear it coming, it made no noise as it left, it was able to come over these houses and gardens in a country that is very security conscious, yet there were no signs in the days after that anyone else had noticed it was in our air space. or if they had, they made no attempt to look at the area or anything. oh wow! something just occurred to me. in the months before this, there have been about half a dozen instances where black military helicopters, always two at a time fly together over the area in the day time. usually around lunch time or there abouts. the reason i think this striking is they always seemed to fly low and this is really unusual and i had never seen before here in the near 20 years i’ve been here. they could have been innocently travelling from a to b for a time when they may have been based somewhere, but as i say, never seen them before and it was so strange that the children and teachers at my youngest daughters secondary school were all talking about it the time they flew over and appeared to have guns on the sides. i hope someone somewhere can get something from my experience, i hope i don’t sound deranged. it’s just this whole experience has unnerved me a whole lot and in the months since it has happened, i’ve seen other things because i tend to look up a lot more. i think this may be therapeutic too as i’m writing it down. thank you for reading this.

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Credit: MUFON

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