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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sheffield, England on 2018-09-28 21:30:00 - Two roundish red crafts when stopping they vibrated emitted outerwhite light around the red saw for four half mind filmed it but mobile wouldn't film it military jet involved

I was just coming back home i went to back door opened it shouted my cats it was dark cloudless night about 9.30pm i opened my door one of my cats was on my neighbours fence as i looked i noticed a red light in the sky i first thought it was a helicopter because sheffield wednesday a local football team were playing leeds at home so i thought it was the police helicopter foreground control but as i looked the red roundish more oval made unusual movement and when it stopped it had a white light that would appear around the craft and kind of pulsate till it stopped then it returned to being red in colour and i got my smart phone outland started to film in getting my phone out and put in video setting anothercraft appeared same description as the first they both stayed apart from each other by about four to fifty foot by now i am giving a running commentary on my mobile and as i filmed a civilian aircraft flew across the sky not close to the two things so i filmed the plane and said look there not planes then the police helicopter flew across and i also said there not helicopters but you could tell that by there movements the police copter must have seen them but the police copter showed no interest at all i carried on filming then a military jet on its own flew across the sky but didn't chase or approach while i got the military jet filmed i went back to the crafts and one had gone the other shot off i was gobsmacked i looked around saw nothing and went into the house saying i've got to get this video i'd filmed to someone when i reviewed what i filmed i was shocked to find i filmed none of the encounter at all except me walking into the house saying i've got to get this to someone i watched my seconds and minutes count as i filmed what i saw yet none of it filmed why i don't no that night some two or thee hours later i heard a loud noise really loud it was a two rover helicopter flying the way the craft went the helicopter had no lights on but it was really low and made a real loud noise and that's it i just cannot explain what i saw but this was not from us i no that no way was it ours yet the police went no where near them i find that weird al i have is a video of me saying i need to send that someones

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Credit: MUFON

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