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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bowling Green, Kentucky on 2018-10-29 05:55:00 - Witnessed to bright circular balls of light interact with each other, circle each other at a great speed the new fly off in seperate directions.

Road: state hwy 807, bowling green, kentucky. 10/29/2018, approximately 5:55 a.M. clear, pre-sunrise morning. bright quarter moon. very few, if any clouds. i was on a quiet farm road and there was no traffic at this point of the day. at the time of the sighting i stopped my car in the middle of the road, turned off my lights and grabbed my phone to try to catch a video. i was unable to get any video or photos. my storage was full. it is my opinion and photo or video would have been less than compelling as the objects viewed, while bright, weren’t much brighter or bigger than the stars present. while driving i noticed a light blue, slowly strobing white, object moving in “skips” like that of skipping a stone on water in the still dark, pre-sunrise morning. the object also moved in a few quick swoops, and circular motions. it was moving in what seemed a controlled, deliberate way, despite its erratic movement. while getting out of the car i noticed a second object, also bright blue/white and strobing, but seemingly smaller and less bright, interacting with the first. the second object was flying close to the first and both objects were interacting with each other in what seemed from my vantage point to be in close proximity. by the time i was able to get out of the car, settled in the roadway and point my phone toward the sky the objects were separated by approximately 4 outstretched hand lengths in the sky. what i believe was the first object flew west in the night sky toward the second object that hung, seemingly motionless (maybe a slight sway) in the sky. the two objects spun around each other very quickly and separated. i tracked the first object as it quickly flew off very to what i believe was the southeast, the second headed southwest in relation to the moon and the constellations present. i was unable to track the second object. imagine two balls with magnets in them. if pushed together on a flat surface they would meet, and spin off (if the magnets weren’t strong or if pushed hard enough, etc.). this is how they seemed to spin around each other very quickly. i don’t know if the objects merged when spinning around each other. it seemed it was one, maybe two, very quick spins, but the spin was very fast before they went in separate directions.

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Credit: MUFON

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