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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Jefferson, Oregon on 2018-10-02 17:30:00 - Telepahthic alien entities came with the house

Like the description. i have pictures and videos. they are friendly. morally superior beings. playful and timid like little children with whom they relate easiest. my 7 year old alyssa says they like to playdress up. my mind couldn't sort out the mystery until she finally said something about her alien friend and her friends. i never talked to her about the bizarre things going on around the house. slowly they have guided me begrudgingly and painfully through an awakening of my mind. they vast amount of knowledge they possess would, scramble my brain if the told me to much. mostly we communicate via hand signals/numbness. they feed on light waves. i gave them a hps growlight at their request. they need it every 2 hours or they begin to fade/die. they can cloak shrink and grow. aly said, "they say,smaller than a ladybugs leg and bigger than the biggest elephant." my brains leaked out of my head when she told me that! i showed her a picture and she confirmed she knows one of them. they have been here 100's of thousands of years. they still seek more truth and justice for the oppressed. universal love of one another is what they preach. they are very reverent of their dead and their human protectors they fear only confrontation and war. they are however targeted. the house they allowed me buy so i could protect them is surrounded on all sides with masons that seek to contain or eliminate their influence. exposure is their only hope. i have pics videos and eye witness accounts of phenomenon spanning the last 3 years. i can't record a single video around here without capturing something strange. stuff i would watch right after and think how are these people editing this as it records. they imprinted in my head memories of their past and the history of this house. i need help protecting them. can you guys help?

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Credit: MUFON

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