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Monday, October 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Stansted, England on 2018-10-21 05:40:00 - Ufo with bright green and red lights spotted hovering low, ascended into distance once we caught sight of it

Myself and my husband and 3 children had spent the night at a small village called spellbrook as we was flying to cork early morning and wanted to be close to stansted airport. we left spellbrook at approximately 5.30am on october 21st 2018 and was driving along dark country roads, it was a very foggy morning so driving conditions were poor. i was the driver and about 10 minutes into our journey in a village called little hallingbury i noticed very bright green and red lights in the sky, they wasn’t moving so my first thoughts was it was some sort of traffic control but then i thought we are not that close to the airport, i looked again and then saw the object moving. i shouted ‘what the f*** is that, oh my god it’s a ufo’ i stopped the car immediately to take photos but it all happened so quickly i only managed to get photos of the object flying away, it seemed to change shape and the red and green lights disappeared, i wondered if i disrupted it.. i got back into the car and we was in shock, completely confused and overwhelmed by what we just saw. i cannot stop thinking about it and only wish i had managed to get a photo of the object hovering so clearly. i keep checking the news to see if others sighted it but can’t see anything. i have never believed in anything like this but actually i feel quite lucky to have witnessed anything like this. my photos were taking on my iphone so they have 3 second clips.. i would love an expert to look at these and confirm i have not gone completely mad. please note time spotted is uk gmt not africa but it did not give me this option

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Credit: MUFON

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