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Thursday, October 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 2018-10-23 19:49:00 - Small, bright object streaking across the night sky, accompanied by a cracking sound.

I recently installed a video doorbell on the front porch of my home, located on the south side of fort wayne, indiana. when i came home from work at 7:49 pm est on tuesday, october 23, 2018, it turned on and made a brief recording, as it is supposed to do. shortly thereafter i happened to watch the clip, and was perplexed by something in the sky on the upper left, just after i closed the door. a brief, white flash streaked across the sky, on a general downward slope, left to right, slightly changing direction as it did. when i turned up the volume, i noticed a distinct clapping noise (actually two; perhaps an echo) at the exact same time. as i kept re-watching it, i thought about what could produce this kind of effect, including these possibilities: aircraft, drone, bug, lightning, light refraction, camera malfunction. in my (albeit limited) experience, the object resembled none of these things. i posted the video to an online message board for additional analysis. they basically had the same ideas that i did, but many of them said it was as genuine a ufo sighting as they had ever seen. (i should also add that one of them thought the sound could be a sonic boom as the object quickly accelerated.) i didn't go into much detail into the description above, because i was fortunate enough to catch it on video - specifically, on my skybell hd, running at 1080 resolution. so now everyone can see it and make up their own minds about it. i find this whole thing fascinating and felt compelled to share it with you. it's definitely the most "paranormal" thing that i've ever been a witness to, and i consider myself lucky to have experienced it. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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