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Sunday, October 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Canton, Georgia on 1986-10-10 00:00:00 - Extremely bright beam of light shot straight down out of the sky. big glowing ball came down in it. then 5 or 6 small, "intelligent orbs" emerged and began exploring.

I was home at 718 shoal creek road in canton, georgia. i was about 20 years old and i had a friend staying with me, and we were the only people there. we fell asleep around midnight on the floor in front of the fireplace. i remember hearing an enormous amount of rain suddenly dumping out of the sky, and this deluge was so loud it awoke me. i stood, and as i did so, i witnessed out of the east picture windows a blindingly white beam of light shoot straight down out of the sky. a large glowing ball descended within this beam and landed across the creek about 200 feet away. as i stared in disbelief (i began to think i was dreaming), these smaller orbs emerged from the bigger one, and sort of "bounce-drifted" a few feet off the ground. they bounced onto the top rail of a cedar fence, and continued together in a line along the top of the fence coming towards me. i can't even explain the feeling of terror that overcame me, and i felt an absolute compulsion to hide. something inside me warned me that they would come in the house looking for me, so i turned around and slinked out the back door (where they wouldn't see me). i hid in the carport between my mom's car and the wall, where i could peek out and see them. they kept coming in my direction, and then when they got all the way to me, i can't remember what happened next. i awoke later, right in front of the fireplace where i had originally fallen asleep, however, i and my friend were both soaked from head to toe with freezing rainwater. he has never spoken to me about the events of that night, nor i to him. i don't know if he saw anything at all. years later, i discovered that both of my brothers have had eerily similar experiences with sightings occurring in the exact same landing spot.

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Credit: MUFON

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