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Monday, October 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Alkmaar, North Holland on 1958-02-13 01:00:00 - Visitation of a kind not generally known.

I am merely giving this information as there is little knowledge about the wonderfully sweet nature of this and, i am sure, similar encounters. now a grown woman, when i was 13 years old, my parents, younger brother and i were on the way back home from a dinner in alkmaar, north holland, to celebrate my in-bankok living brother's engagement to an american girl. being around 1:00 am, i had fallen asleep in the back of the car, when suddenly we were woken by a sharp beam of light hovering over the open sunroof. whatever it was i could not discern at that time but did see the orange/red metallic color of whatever it was. next i knew i was peering out the back with my nose plastered to the window in order not to loose sight of the cylindrical humming-top-like structure standing in the meadow, all light up, on stilts. a conversation ensued between us even though no words were uttered and we were at least 1/2 km at a distance from one another. all was done telepathically, but just as audible as when words are spoken and heard. i pleaded with them if i might stay with them, but the answer was no. i was told i could not go with them as i still had things to do. i was truly heartbroken. next i knew, as we continued to drive on, the energy in which i was surrounded was very, very slowly taken away to the point of normalcy. to this day, i remember vividly almost crying aloud, "oh, my god, we are living in a cold shower here." the energy in which i had been surrounded ha a heat to it and was sweet--yes, like the taste--and i knew it to be love. it was a love of a kind we do not know here on this little planet earth. controling everything that happened to us, they obviously wanted me to remember those energies. indeed, it is something i will never forget and wil remember and recognize if ever we visit again. the time between the sharp beam of light through the moonroof and when we arrived home in den helder (half an hour away from where we had been stopped) was approximately 5 hrs. immediate memory of the event was taken away until one day, when well in my twenties and in the u.S., i read an article in readers digest that described a similarly oval/circular orange-red craft and all memory came flooding back. i have once asked a hypnotist whether he would work with me in bringing back memory of the physical attributes of the individuals with whom we visited. he declined, and i have not searched to do so again. it simply is of no importance to me. the only reason why i am writing this is because mankind appears to be under the false notion that all individuals who come visit us from outerspace have ill intentions where it concerns mankind. needless to say, the universe is teaming with life. from a mystic and sage, i have learned that races are of different consciousness, but all are our "brothers and sisters," some advanced in consciousness, some the same and some of a lower consciousness even though technologically advanced. why this visitation? as i was told by this mysic/sage, my father was in spiritual trauma; he had fought in wwii in the underground movement and being the leader in one of the underground raids to destroy the citizens' records at the town hall, was questioning his once deeply held belief in god as he coulnd't understand why his country-men would sabotage such an important mission with so many lives lost. obviously, he had been surrounded in these same energies of love as some of his desperation waned thereafter. from my own experience, i can only deduce that this mission was of a spiritual nature.

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Credit: MUFON

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