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Saturday, October 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Marion, South Carolina on 2009-01-28 22:00:00 - Observed bright orange star in sky. never seen before. it was moving, stopped , descended just above cow pasture. undetermined time. took off fast really fast. no sound. it was a metal ball shape inside a red-orange forcefield type glow

Was visiting my grandmother at her home in marion sc. appr. 9:45 p.M. stepped outside to smoke. while looking southerly i noticed a real bright orange star, i knew i had never seen before. it was very far off and looked exactly like star in sky. took a couple hits off my cig. and looked back, realising that the orange star was slowly moving in upper atmosphere. i continued to observe the object for appr. i'll say 5 minutes until the object was in a slight northerly position from me. the object that i was observing then suddenly stopped at very high altitude. that's when i really knew it must be ufo because i had appr. 2.5 yrs. earlier gotten out of the navy in aviation field and i knew it was no helo.(too high) i then considered going to the door to alert family in house but i didn't want to miss seeing the object. (strange feeling inside me , i was drawn to it,) looked at door second time, same feeling came over me, so, i turned back to the sky and the object was gone. i thought it had left, i turned slightly to my left raising cig. and to my astonishment, the ufo was hovering, silently appr. 10-15 ft. above a cow pasture appr. 40 yards in front of me after i turned. do not recall exactly how long it was there but i did get a very close detailed look. the outer orange glow was i'm assuming some sort of forcefield? it was moving around like small ripples on a still water with a slight breeze, when the ripples touched they would send a small amount of substance into air then it dropped back into the field. inside was a perfectly smooth round metal sphere. unknown amount of time later i noticed a black object about midway in the sphere slowly turning towards me, it kept turning until i observed two black objects that moved that's when i knew they were heads. not sure what to do i raised my hand into the air trying to strike a pose like the nazca line human shape. very, very shortly after i believe i was noticed, it was like the metal sphere jumped backward out of theorange forcefield substance for about a portion of a second, then in the blink of an eye shot off into outer space. the orange substance made a trail from the starting point all theway into space then the spot in cow field took off with the rest of substance and that was that.

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Credit: MUFON

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