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Friday, October 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Luling, Texas on 1962-07-31 17:00:00 - Round object stationary about 50 ft above neighbor's driveway. moved south about the speed of an average man walking about 50 ft above the ground..

I am estimating that this encounter initially occurred in the summer of 1962, possibly 1963, when i lived in luling, tx. i was about 10 or 11 years old. i was sitting on the steps of the back porch of the house. i was home alone, and my mother and brothers were gone running errands. it was near dusk on a clear summer’s eve when i noticed the round object floating about 50 ft above the ground between our house and the house next door to the west. the neighbors had a double garage and the round object’s circumference was just about the right size that would fit inside that double garage. i remember the height of the object looked to be about 10 ft high. the side of the object looked to be covered with white vertical strips, each about two inches wide, with no windows or lights that i could see. the object was stationary, just floating about 50 ft above the neighbor’s driveway and there was no noise whatsoever coming from the object; just silently floating there with no movement. i did not know if it just appeared there or if it came from somewhere and just stopped. i just happened to look up and it was there. i estimate the distance from me to the object to be less than 100 ft. after a few minutes, the round flying object started moving directly south at a speed of an average man walking. there was still no sound or any lights on the object as it continued directly south over the neighbor’s back pasture like being on a slow sightseeing tour. i watched the object for several minutes as it continued traveling south crossing over texas highway 90 and the luling foundation farm. when the object was across texas highway 90 and moving slowly towards the luling foundation farm, it was getting hard to see, so i stopped watching and went into the house. i thought that if i had a camera, i could take pictures, but this was a time that cameras were not as available as they are now with cell phone cameras. i also thought about going inside the house to call the police, but i would lose site of the object. even if i were to call, the 911 emergency system was not in place and by the time i were to find the luling police department number and call, the object would probably be gone and whomever were to answer my call would probably dismiss a 10-year-old as making a prank call. the summer two years later, about the same time of day, i saw the exact same object in the exact same place and it did the exact same thing. if this would have been during the school year, i am sure i would have told classmates what i saw, but this was before the internet, facebook, cell phones and i never mentioned the siting to anyone. to me, at that time, was not that big of a deal. today, with the internet, tv shows discussing aliens, so many questions about ‘… are aliens real?’, i just wanted to tell of my experience. yes, they are real, and i really wish i would have ‘tossed a rock’ or moved in front of the object when it started moving, to try and get them to land and meet whomever was in the craft. i had two opportunities and blew them both. next time, i will get their attention.

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Credit: MUFON

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