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Friday, October 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Guatemala, Guatemala on 1987-12-10 00:00:00 - My self and 2 other witnesses found orb inside our home in the kitchen area. it appear intelligent and we remain in kitchen for several minutes then move to patio area and took off strait into sky at high velocity.

Back in 1987 my brother (20 years old), a close friend (20 years old) and me (15 years old) walked into our house (no one was home) when we got there. we walked from the living room to the kitchen which was in a separate room. it was then that we saw an orb of about 1 foot around. it glowed, it looked like it had light inside. the surface looked at times dull and at times shiny. it was hovering at about 6 feet from the ground. as we entered the room, it noticed us and it turned around. as if it was looking west and it turn around to look at us 180 degrees facing east. the three of us just froze and didn't know what to make of the experience. the orb slowly moved a few inches up and down. we stepped a bit closed and the orb move back a bit. at one point it felt like it was moving forward toward us and it stop. then it started to slowly (hovering) up an down. very slow as if it was a balloon, but in a controlled and delivery way. the orb started to behave as if it was cornered and it started to look for a way out. the kitchen at the house had two doors. door in the east connected the kitchen to living room. door in the west lead to backyard. the orb continue to move slow toward the west facing door. we purposely tried not to scare it away or move too close. we were in awe and were just quietly observing it. during this period of mutual observation the orb would quickly turn 90 degrees as if it was looking at the back door and then it would quickly turn back again 90 degrees to look at us and at the same time moving closer and closer to the back door but always staying in the middle of the room. the orb would again hover about a foot up and then a food down and keep moving back. then in a quick movement it moved closer to the back door and it turn to look at us and quickly flew outside the door toward the back yard. at this point the three of us ran towards the door and went out to the backyard. it was still there hovering now at about 8 feet from the ground. we had a few large trees and some of the branches stretched across the yard. we noticed the orb seem to be looking for a clear area where there was no branches, but it a appear to still be looking at us. then quick and sudden it flew straight up. this was at a high velocity. we then went to the area to where it had taken off into space and stare at the sky. we could not see anything else. we walked back into the house and sat in the living room and we all recounted our own observation experience. i remember many details and we never hid the story, we actually shared the story with family and friends and people would just wonder what it was as we did. once of the reasons why i'm reporting this is because a few weeks ago, while talking with some cousins. one of them shared that they had seen a large ufo at their dads farm also in guatemala. they said that it was large and many people had seen it. then another cousin said something that brought chills to the back of my neck. please, allow me to elaborate a bit so that things can be understood better. my dad owned a business (also in guatemala) that was located in a three story building. in the third story my dad had an area setup as living quarters. a bit like a studio apartment, he had a bed, coach, dresser and closet with lots of work related things and artifacts. part of the third flood was also a terrace where he had flower pots and you could look at the city from this area. my aunt (dad sister) worked with my dad for many years, she liked to tend to the flowers up there. so, here is where the story brought chills to the back of my neck. my cousin said that my aunt had mentioned to her and other relatives that she had seen at least a couple of times an orb, just like the one my brother, friend and i had seen. the one item that she mentioned is that the orb would come out from out of the wall coming from my dad's studio. she said she was scare every time and that the orb would come out and after hovering for a moment, and then it will shoot out straight into the sky at high velocity and would disappear from view. both my dad and aunt are dead now, but the reports from my aunt are from back in the 80s. when my dad had the business. the similarity of the experience is interesting and the common factor in this is my dad. this led me to think that perhaps the orb in our house was looking for something, just like it may have been looking for something in my dad's work studio. notice in the sketch attached that my mom and dad's room is next to the kitchen where we found the orb. my brother and i have talked and concur that the orb may have heard us coming into the house and that it may have been inside our mom and dad's room and was leaving when we found it in the kitchen. we did not see the orb taking or holding anything, but it is odd to have a very similar orb in size and form in two different locations.

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Credit: MUFON

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