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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in New Iberia, Louisiana on 2018-03-29 20:21:00 - Took 4 pics an in pics 2 an 3 object appears that isn't in pics 1 an 4.

On march 29th 2018 myself and my two daughters ages 15 and 5 went to the lowe's in our hometown to return items previously bought by a friend the line was extremely long in that department so we decided to go outside and take some pictures of the flowers in the nursery department. myself and my fifteen-year-old daughter enjoy taking nature shots especially flowers so we did this for a while to kill time. 7:41pm we began taking our pictures i took 14 pictures of various flowers and one short 30 second video. pictures 7 an 8 are pics of the sky an it is clear that the sky is covered in clouds associated with rain an they are taken at 7:46pm. at 7:49 i decide to end our lil photography session an head back to the customer service department. once we finish up inside the store we had outside to the car has my daughter was dropping in my five-year-old to her car seat i was outside the car smoking a cigarette and decide to snap 4 more pictures this time of the moon. i did not notice anything when i was looking through the camera to take the pictures nor did i know is anything looking up into the sky i did not notice anything in these pictures until the following day when i was viewing the pictures i had taken. what i noticed was in picture number one nothing out of the ordinary but pictures number 2 and 3 to the far left of the picture there is something illuminating light so i zoomed in on the object and it appears to be the shape of a pitchfork or a w. i am at a loss for words as to what this can be in the sky and i am open for any suggestions anyone may have as to what this can be.

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Credit: MUFON

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