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Friday, October 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 1974-01-01 00:00:00 - Woke to witness small beings in upstairs in our house

Ontario agincourt north, middlefield. every so often i recall this memory and it stops me in my traxs. do not ask me why, but this time i decided to google "ufo sightings scarborough middlefield 1977" and got your site "1970s ontario ufo sighting reports" i have only told a few people about this, this is not a craft sighting, it is a little bit more....So here goes. this happened between 1974-1977 my best guess, i do not remember any dates, seasons, or special occasion for that time. we lived in agincourt north, middlefield next to a train yard, we were the last row of houses then, and fields as far as you could see, with small old apple and pear orchards, & wild rhubarb, big jack rabbits and giant snowy white owels.....Great exploring for a kid ! we are a family of 5, my sister and i are the same age with a brother 5 years younger. our house is two levels and our bedrooms are upstairs, my brother and i are on the right side (looking out from my room) and parents and sisters room are a mirror image on the left side. i woke up approx 1-3 am, possibly due to extra light and noise, and walked to my bedroom door, my brothers room is to my right, i look in to see 3 small figures surounding my brothers bed, 1 on his left and 2 on his right, about at his upper chest and head. i cannot make out allot of detail, it is dark but has enough light to make out the figures, they are small with large heads, i am not frightened or in a panic, but feel calm but.....What's going on ?! my brothers door starts to close slowly as i turn to my left to see another figure standing next to me, it is smaller than me as i slightly have to gaze down at it, it has a large head with very large dark areas where the eyes would be, i want to leave my room but can't, my thoughts are....Changed, i now am thinking there is a ribbon across my door and the only way to get out is to cut ithe ribbon with scissors, which are down stairs in the kitchen drawer. i go blank and wake again holding the scissors in the kitchen....Curious?! then go blank and wake again in my bedroom on my knees beside my bed on my rug spitting out a very very bitter substance, then blank out again not to remember anything the next day. i did not remember any of this for about 20 years until my brother and i were out on my parents back porch (not in ontario) very late looking at the stars when i remembered and told him. growing up there seemed to feel....Busy, something always going on, just out of reach. -/------ i have a foggy memory of being found by 3 of them again in the bathroom, 2 inside and one in the doorway, there was a feeling of surprise and annoyance, it felt like i was not supposed to be up....Again.....I was not part of what they were doing that night. some notes : -always awoke with a bleeding nose in the middle of the night, it would wake me up 6 + times a month. -have round scar the size of a pea on right leg, above the ankle on the front side slightly to the left. all that i remember is waking up in the morning and immediately finding this hot red little circle. looking at it now it is very strange to see it up close. (i would have been a few years older when i found this because my beds were in a different place.)

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Credit: MUFON

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