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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Secaucus, New Jersey on 2018-10-17 05:45:00 - Star like/cigar shape had windows zig zagged all over nj and blinked red everytime it moved calculated

1 - i've been witnessing these objects since last week until last night being monday 10/22/18 while sitting in my backyard. my son and i enjoy making a fire in the firepit, especially since the weather has changed to beautiful fall weather here in nj. 2 - it actually started last week, i believe it was tuesday or wednesday at 5:45am in the morning, just getting up. sitting in the backyard with my morning tea there was a huge purple light over the area of the meadowlands which was not there before. knowing our area very well and knowing many people in the area i did inquire if there were any promotions being done in our area. in other words, giants football pregame promos where they would use light effects. there were non according to my 4 inquiries. this was not a projection nor a promotion. it seemed to be coming from above not projected from the ground up. it was huge and a beautiful purple color. i do look at the night sky all the time and try to identify certain stars or planets. however, when one is moving in a zig zag fashion, i could not help but to notice. that's when it all started. each night since the purple cloud, as i call it, there has been a moving object over our area of hudson county zig zagging all over the place. it does change colors from white to red, almost like they are scanning something or taking photos. at one point when it came closer i could swear that it had windows, almost like bug eyes. then last night 10/22/18 (mon. night) there was a 2nd object towards the western area. it was larger and seemed to go in a more circular pattern. that was there for serval hours as well. both objects at first glance looked like a star. but watching them for only less then a minute they moved in a zig zag fashion. the lager one did not just move in a zig zag pattern but actually moved in a circular pattern. it was kind of funny to watch. 3 - ufo right off the bat!!! way too high to be an airplane. planets, stars, nor satellites move so fast nor move in a zig zag or circular pattern. also, it changed colors from white to red and had a bite of a tail on it i referred to my notes and thought it looked like a moth or a butterfly. at times it did have a tail on it, like propulsion. 4 - zig zagging and not going with the normal earth's rotation. that is, moving opposite, many times, against the movement of earth's rotation like all the other stars and moon do. 5 - scarred at first, but then called my son out to confirm that i wasn't nuts. he called his girlfriend out to confirm the same thing. she got totally freaked out and ran inside the house. there was a pleasant calm that came over me like, there is nothing i can do about it so just watch. i remembered all of the other experiences over the years and said to myself, "yeah they're here, so what the heck, just watch them and take notes". however, last nights sighting, which is now the 6th night i've observed their scanning, there were 2 of them and somehow i felt this one was a bite bigger and more in charge. it definitely came more overhead to see me? or so i felt. in conclusion in watching all of this activity is that they were scanning our area. i say this because each time it moved there was a red light that went on, almost like a camera. call it gut instinct but there you have it. the bigger one, last night, just over newark, nj to go in circular patterns. very odd of course but almost like saying, hey i see you. 6 - i only lost sight of it because i got very tired. also it moved too far south. the other evening it sped away, i mean really jetted off until invisible. and last night, again, i just had to go to sleep. personal note - since all of this activity has occurred, the lights inside our home keep blinking on and off oddly. this has never, ever happened before. also, when my son's girlfriend tried to video this object her phone went totally dead. it was fully charged. thank you for all your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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