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Monday, October 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Panama City Beach, Florida on 2018-10-28 18:50:00 - Was walking north towards truck. noticed orange light in sky. took to camera pictures tried one video but disappeared

i’ve been working and helping with the relief efforts in panama city, florida due to hurricane michael. just before 7 pm i was alone loading supplies to and fro. on one of my trips to the pick up truck, i noticed a orange glow in the upper middle left view of the newly night sky. on upon noticing the glowing orange object, it was hovering and moving slowly. at first i thought; what is that? then my brain was telling me maybe it’s a helicopter. then l remembered that air space travel is limited due to the destruction of the hurricane. an air force base is in the area but high wind damage had shut the base down. the orange light was pretty slow, it seemed. it kinda went straight moving slightly up and down and pausing. i took out my cell phone camera and took the first picture. i then looked with my naked eye and it seemed to circle going from west to center north. i took one more picture in regular frame then 2 to 3 more zooming into 5.0 then 10.0. now the objective was dead north, and i attempted to catch it on video. as i was video tapping it quickly vanished, i don’t think i caught any footage on video. i was ticked off it disappeared before i could get video footage. it just simply faded from my view. so i retrieved my first picture, immediately zooming in on the orange glow. after zooming in and out on my snapshot, i was then amazed what i saw on the frame that i could not see with my naked eyes. the oh my god reactions went through me. i zoomed in on the 4 swirlies and took a screen shot to in large the strange (?) i took more enlarged screen shots of the orange light and swirlies as large as i could with out distorting them to much. i looked over my unsuccessful video ( maybe someone can find something in it ) but in of the enlargements the orange glow splits into two separate orange glows and the swirlies move also. i’ve seen and experienced a lot through my years but this is truly the weirdest yet and i’m glad to share this with mufon, coast to coast and the gound zero community........

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Credit: MUFON

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