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Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Eugene, Oregon on 2018-10-17 18:45:00 - Uneven line of 11 objects

Around sunset. a plane flying north to south left a contrail in the sky that was pink from the reflection of the sun. i noticed a small, hovering object in the sky to the south west adjacent to the contrail. it was dark in color and at first i thought it might be a kite. but it was very high up. i was with a group of four other people. they all agreed it was too high to be a kite. we then saw a second object just to the north of the first. it appeared a bit smaller. we turned away but one friend turned back a couple of minutes later and noticed there were more objects, all along an uneven line stretching to the north. he counted ten. we all looked back and saw the multiple objects. i counted ten, then counted again and there were eleven. one friend noticed that on the fourth and fifth objects from the north end, there was some type of dark filament trailing from the objects. the filament appeared stretched out vertically and curved as if it was being blown by the wind. the whole time the objects seemed to me to not be moving. as the sun went down the objects faded from sight. there was no light being reflected or emitted from the objects. we went inside the house and about ten minutes later we heard a helicopter. the sound faded as if it flew past the area. about five minutes later, we heard the helicopter flying past again.

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Credit: MUFON

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