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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Panama City Beach, Florida on 2018-10-23 20:15:00 - My wife and i were biking west to alys beach along 30a from dinner @ rosemary and saw two different colored orbs

My wife and i were biking west/northwest to our house at alys beach on 30a from dinner at rosemary beach (1 mile to the east/southeast) at approximately 8:00pm. it was a cloudless evening, about 60 degrees. we noticed two orbs at approximately a 45-degree elevation in the sky that appeared to be less than a mile away at ~2,000 feet. one orb was white and appeared to be rotating slowly in a counter clockwise motion. the other orb would alternate between green and red. the light emission slowly pulsated in a somewhat irregular manner (in no way did it resemble faa-mandated lighting on an airplane). the pulsating lights viewed independently seemed to be random, but when compared to the opposite orb it seemed to be sequenced (some form of communication?). we watched for about five minutes, then my wife went inside. i moved to the western edge of alys beach along 30a and observed the craft for about 20 minutes. each moved in a different oblong pattern circling away from alys beach while changing altitude and then both would circle back and meet near the western edge of alys beach. i eventually went in and observed the orbs for another ten minutes or so from the house balcony when a low flying helicopter came up the beach. i did not get a chance to discern any markings. it traversed the area for 10-15 minutes that i could hear. i think there was another helicopter nearby because i could periodically hear rotor blades to the north but could not see what i think was a second helicopter. the objects clearly were not airplanes or helicopters. i suppose one could argue they could be drones, but the objects were orb like and the outer edges were fuzzy. nothing of interest seemingly is in the immediate area, although eglin air force base is located 20-30 miles to the west. as an aside this is my second report (80116 was the first). i had some awareness of the ufo “phenomenon” but did not pay much attention until the observation in late october 2016. since then i am certain i have seen ten or so (i walk my dogs a couple of miles each morning around 5:30am when it is dark). a day or two before we travelled to alys beach i was picking up take-out dinner. while waiting i had a glass of wine and visited with a tennis buddy. i told him we were headed to alys beach for fall break. he then said he thought the development was “weird … it looks like an alien landing strip.” really odd.

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Credit: MUFON

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